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Just a thought... I try to treat each evening and weekend as little slices of retirement because no one is guaranteed a lengthy one at the end of their career. [Mike Hammar]

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Ah, Friday. You might not think we appreciate the letters TGIF as much as you do, but trust me, we do. I'm still doing the Ocean 98.5 midday show - and loving it, I might add - for just a few more months. But it's nice to slip into a little bit of a lazier mode on weekends and not worry so much about what words I'm going to put in order and try to make interesting so that you'll keep coming back to enjoy my journals here every day and every week.
Considering it's been 11 months since I left Toronto radio, I'm astounded - thrilled and humbled, really - that you still do come and visit. I know I've said this before, but I feel like you've been a lifeline, a safety net that was there when I was in fear of coming untethered from having lost so much of our life back east: our friends, the blessed routine of a radio show I loved doing so much and the entire life we'd built together, Rob and I, over 30 years together. 
Actually, this past weekend we marked 31 years since our first date. That night that wasn't supposed to be a date in 1986: I had a free dinner in payment for doing a small Italian restaurant's commercials, and I wanted to use it up before the end of the year. As it happened, a new Second City show was about to debut - "Not Based on Anything by Stephen King" - and I'd been invited. So I asked my boss, who was seeing someone else (who happened to be abroad - and I spelled that out for my audio journal, for sure!) and was totally not my type: he had a beard and rode a motorcycle and I was into lawyers and business types. 
We were engaged three weeks later. So that's how that non-date went. It's not exactly in commemoration of that first date, but it's coincidental that every November we go away for a week or two. It was usually to mark the end of the ratings being taken, when radio staff are free to breathe a bit, sleep in and take some time to regroup before the super busy Christmas season gets into full swing.
So that's what Rob and I are doing next week: we're flying away for a few days and I won't be taking my recording equipment with me. Of course, my laptop doesn't go far from my side, as I'm always pecking away, but I won't be doing journals for the next week either.
I appreciate you coming by and understanding that it's good just to decompress and reconnect, hopefully coming up with some more journal ideas so you'll keep coming back. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, a great week ahead, and I'll talk to you soon on the 27th.
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Just a Thought...

Good morning.  You've undoubtedly heard about (currently former) Baltimore Raven football player Ray Rice and that horrendous video that surfaced Monday on TMZ of him knocking out cold his then-fiancee Janay.  He's been kicked off the NFL team, banned from the CFL and the story is far from over.  Questions are loud and persistent about just how long the NFL knew about this awful case of abuse, having earlier seen some video (but not the most damning they claim) and only suspending him for two games.  Just to give it some context, a player na


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