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Just a thought... Autumn. The year's last, loveliest smile. [William Cullen Bryant]

What a heavy month this has been - so much of our continent shaken, battered, deluged and disgusted, all in the span of a few days. Yesterday, during the pre-dawn hours, I lay in bed thinking about earthquakes. After the shaking that hit California and Mexico in the past week, I was pondering a statistic that Vancouver Island has a one-in-three chance of experiencing a significant quake in the next 50 years. 
And then I understood. I understood why people live in hurricane-prone areas or those along fault lines or in the possible path of a volcano. It's because of cognitive dissonance. It's defined as having two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas or values like "this place could get hit by a major earthquake while I live here. But I'm going to live here, because it's beautiful and I love it here." That sort of thing. 
Now, I haven't lost sleep thinking about the possibility that we could get hit like those poor souls in Mexico City. But it did cross my mind that I should no longer sleep in the buff. First responders do not need any more trauma than what a quake would bring. But I am guessing that modesty goes out the window when you're panicked and wondering how to find one. Or a door. 
On a cheerier note - for many - today we'll be welcoming the warm embrace of fall, at 4:02 EDT. I've always said that were it not for the breathtaking beauty that accompanies autumn, how many of us would be able to face the cold, harsh prospect of winter? Fall is different here on the west coast and I know that the palette Mother Nature paints landscapes with will be much different from the colours you'll be seeing. 
We'll see some early leaf changing as we visit Ottawa next week and Kitchener the week after, so I'll get a little slice of an Ontario display of colour. I hope the weather you've enjoyed this week sticks around, and that the frosty, snowy weather that Alberta has had to put up with does not make its way to you! I'm seeing temperatures in Southern Ontario in the upper 20s right up 'til mid-week. I hope you've got plans outdoors this weekend and that they're everything the rain didn't let you do all summer. Living well, as they say, is the best revenge. 
It's all we can do, really. We can't worry about things out of our control; Rob reminds me of this when I'm screaming at the TV or ranting about something the tweeter-in-chief has done now. All we can do is be grateful: when it's rain it's not a hurricane, when it's snow it's not an earthquake, and no matter how you feel about him, when it's Trudeau, it's not Trump. 
Happy Autumn. Whatever you thought of her warm-up act, it's time for Mother Nature to put on a big, beautiful show. Bring it. And have a wonderful weekend. 
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Just a Thought...

Good morning.  You've undoubtedly heard about (currently former) Baltimore Raven football player Ray Rice and that horrendous video that surfaced Monday on TMZ of him knocking out cold his then-fiancee Janay.  He's been kicked off the NFL team, banned from the CFL and the story is far from over.  Questions are loud and persistent about just how long the NFL knew about this awful case of abuse, having earlier seen some video (but not the most damning they claim) and only suspending him for two games.  Just to give it some context, a player na


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