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Just a Thought... When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. [Kahlil Gibran]

After the inevitable tears that flowed upon sad goodbyes to sweet Colin (during which I inadvertently said, "Be a good girl for Daddy and Brooke" - muscle memory?) we were on our way to people who would make us smile and laugh, giving us exactly what our souls needed. It was as sweet and as fun a visit as we could have hoped for; Rob and I arrived at Mike and Debbie Cooper's place in Buckhorn mid-afternoon yesterday, having shed a few tears (that was me, not the driver) on our way out of Ottawa.
We had a wonderful time - you'll read and hear more tomorrow - and hopefully there'll be an Erin & Mike chat to share. Again, I can't make promises; it's all up to how much time we have, how much beer my producer (Rob, of course) enjoys and every other variable you can imagine.
The primary reason for this trip east, besides seeing Colin, is to host this Friday's gala fundraiser for Markham Stouffville Hospital, and I can't wait! I was fortunate to have a few other obligations arise that coincided with the trip, one of which was presenting the Rosalie Trombley Trailblazers' Award last Thursday to Susan Marjetti of the CBC. What a treat it was meeting this woman, director of radio and audio for the entire network.

Erin Davis and Susan Marjetti

Backstage at the Canadian Music Week Industry Awards night, I got to catch up with fellow radio vet (also a mother of a daughter Lauren, who's in radio), Maie Pauts. There's Maie on the left, then Susan, me and (with an eye on the monitor) honouree Marilyn Denis.

Maie Pauts, Susan Marjetti, Erin Davis and Marilyn Denis

Marilyn was inducted into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Thursday night. With her radio and TV career unrivalled, there's no more deserving recipient! We held tight and posed for a picture or two.

Erin Davis & Marilyn Denis

But I also had a moment with her "work husband", Roger Ashby. We decided to start a few rumours, but none have stuck! LOL

Erin Davis & Roger Ashby

I also got to catch up with some of our Rogers family, as well as Jann Arden and a few other people I've missed so much since December. It was a night of many emotions: excitement, sadness, and great joy at CHFI winning Adult Contemporary Station of the Year (major market). I joked with our boss Julie Adam that all it took was me leaving: "You're welcome"!
One of the funniest moments of the evening - and the week - had to do with Marilyn and I'll share that with you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy your Tuesday and thanks for coming by.
I'm back in the city today - going to The Bodyguard on stage tonight, I think - and tomorrow will be receiving an honour from the good people at the Israel Cancer Research Fund (their Women of Action award). Told you I had a lot going on during this ten day visit, including a Facebook LIVE visit with Michelle Butterly tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock! More here tomorrow, including how to take part or catch up with it later.
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Just a Thought...

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