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Just a Thought... God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. [Author unknown, commonly attributed to Martin Luther]

Sunset in Saanich, BC

Well, here it is: second last day of August. I hate to get so melancholy about the waning days of summer - after all, it happens every year - but I do so love this season. I'll be hanging on to every memory, every beautiful moment I can, to reflect upon in the months ahead.
Travel helps us to make those memories; next to our visits to Ottawa to see Colin, there's nothing Rob and I enjoy more than exploring and seeing new sights. Sharing them is half the fun, too, so let's go.

Vancouver Island

We told you yesterday (and had some pics, too, if you missed them) about our little road trip with Dad from Kelowna out to Victoria. We spent the week visiting with Dad's brother and sister-in-law, meandering around the Saanich Peninsula and even meeting up with a journal-inspired pen pal Nancy (and her husband) in Mill Bay, up island from Victoria and on the glorious shores of Saanich Inlet.
It's no exaggeration to say that almost everywhere you turn there are sights to take your breath away. Like the billboard and tv ads say, "Super, Natural British Columbia." They don't lie. This is my Rob, happy and peaceful on the beach at Cordova Bay in Saanich.

Rob on a log

We spent very little time in the capital city of Victoria; our schedule just didn't seem to want to allow it this trip. We did, however, go up the Saanich Peninsula to lovely Sidney and its picturesque Sidney-By-The-Sea. And yes, this is the famous Sidney Opera House!

Bandshell in Sidney, BC

Okay, not as famous as the one in Sydney, Australia, but I love their sense of humour!
As leisurely as the week was, we found ourselves wishing we'd had more time to spend on Vancouver Island. Especially when these are the sights that bade us farewell after a dinner near the beach on Thursday night.

Sunset in Saanich, BC

On Friday it was time to buckle up and hit the road again. After a 90-minute ferry ride back to the mainland, we embarked on the winding, ear popping, jaw dropping drive along the Coquihalla Highway. As longer drives go, it was enjoyable; there was no wildlife to dodge and traffic kept to the limit (at times 120 km/h) with the exception of the first hour of our trip leaving the Vancouver area when heavy volume kept speeds at about 40 km/h.
But as we drove through the Fraser Valley, we were treated to signs like of many that referred to Shakespearian characters including Othello, Iago, Romeo, Juliet, Shylock and Verona.

Portia sign in BC

To quote the bard, All's Well that Ends Well...and so does this journal for today. Tomorrow: watching firefighters scoop water and dump it over an Okanagan blaze. Includes video and (maybe) hot firefighters!
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Just a Thought...

Good morning.  You've undoubtedly heard about (currently former) Baltimore Raven football player Ray Rice and that horrendous video that surfaced Monday on TMZ of him knocking out cold his then-fiancee Janay.  He's been kicked off the NFL team, banned from the CFL and the story is far from over.  Questions are loud and persistent about just how long the NFL knew about this awful case of abuse, having earlier seen some video (but not the most damning they claim) and only suspending him for two games.  Just to give it some context, a player na


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