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Just a thought... The world is round and the place which may seem like the end, may also be the beginning. [Ivy Baker Priest]

British Columbia

That's a quote that we featured in the midst of our 15-minute, 75-slide speech on Personal Transformation yesterday for some of Rogers Radio's broadcasters here in Toronto. Last night, it was on to the Canadian Music Week Industry Awards (congrats to Marilyn Denis, Jann Arden and Rush on being there and being honoured) as well as Susan Marjetti of CBC, to whom I presented the Rosalie Trombley "Radio Trailblazers" Award.
Today, after flying over the Rockies (pictured above), we're blazing our own trails to Ottawa.
Well, this may be a first! We've had written journals with no audio, but today it's 100% audio. You'll hear why when you take a few minutes to click above and listen. I'll be back with you Monday; hope you enjoy today's "podcast lite" and thank you. Always, thank you.
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