January 2019

January 31, 2019

I wanted to express my gratitude for the outpouring of thoughts and, often, your own perspective about yesterday's very raw journal. I received most of them on Facebook, but also some came in my email. Thank you for taking the time to share; they say that confession is good for the soul, right?

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January 30, 2019

The power of being vulnerable. The strength in asking for help. These are two of the underlying themes that have come to Rob and to me so very loudly and clearly since our daughter's passing in May of 2015. And they're what I'd like to shine a light on during today's Bell Let's Talk Day

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January 29, 2019

And how are you today? I hope that this final Tuesday of January is treating you well - or at least gently. 
I know that being present and in the moment is supposed to be a thing - a very big and important thing - but how many times have you found yourself in one place, checking online to see what rates are in another spot for the next time you travel? Maybe that's just me (although I know my friend Nancy does the exact same thing, so I suspect it's not!) and we're guilty of it this week.

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January 28, 2019

Welcome to a new week. As you look at the forecast (or the temperature) today, keep in mind that January is just about over. Soon it'll be wrong-headed rodents predicting early spring, hearts on sleeves (and everywhere else), pitchers and catchers reporting for duty; hang in there.

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January 25, 2019

It's hard to imagine it, but January is just about at an end. To say that we've been busy (and with company coming Tuesday - and a joyous houseful until we leave in mid-February) is an understatement. This is, as Rob put it, "a different locale to work," and I'm totally okay with that.

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January 24, 2019

Did you hear the story about the Vancouver area man who's been evicted because of his three-year-old's "running, stomping and banging?" The story from CTV is here

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January 23, 2019

Well, here we are, one day closer to the weekend and one day after the Oscar Nominations were announced for another year. Since I totally didn't get Roma, which was honoured with 10 nominations yesterday (my earlier review here, if you're interested), I thought maybe I'd have better luck with the film which tied Roma for 10 noms, The Favourite

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January 22, 2019

There's that old saying about taking lemons and turning them into lemonade and while I'm all in favour of the sentiment of it - making something sweet out of a sour situation - around here, the lemons go into hot water and start our day. And we're thrilled that they grow on a tree near a house that's undergoing renos, so we're helping ourselves to the dark yellow, sweet fruit that would otherwise go to waste.

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January 21, 2019

Hey there - hope you had a gentle weekend and managed to do some cocooning. We did, although it wasn't our intention.

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January 18, 2019

Ah, the weekend. As you settle in for another cold one, we're hoping to come out of a week's worth of rain. Yes, the rains you've been hearing about in LA - just two hours' drive from us - beat snow and wind chills and I am not looking for pity! But truly this is weather we could have had for free in Victoria. Oh, well. We're still finding snowbirding to agree with us for the most part, even though we're in total work mode almost all of the time - but in all the best ways! Writing, recording and writing some more. All good.

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January 17, 2019

Today: details on an evening Up Close and Personal CHFI appearance that you can win chances to attend. I'll share that with you below. But first...
They say that "ignorance is bliss" but I'm afraid it's been less than blissful not to know just how the book business works. An overwhelmingly positive experience, I'd like to show you just the stumbles and learning opportunities I've experienced.

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January 16, 2019

Well, here's some good news: according to the New York Times, FDA food inspectors are being brought back to work, so perhaps I can feel safe buying salads from the store again.
I promised you yesterday that I'd finish my Olive Garden story.

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January 15, 2019

And so the US government shutdown stretches into its fourth week with absolutely no end in sight. A ridiculous wall that malevalent Roger Stone and his brain trust came up with to help tRump stay on message in his campaign rallies has become the barrier between hundreds of thousands of government workers and their much-needed paychecks.

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January 14, 2019

A Quick Note: I've added a What's Up post to my website homepage (just scroll up if you're reading this on Monday), so you can check in to see where I'll be speaking next. For example, it's official that I'll be at Chapters Indigo in Oshawa on Wednesday, February 27 at 7 pm. Wait to buy your book then and maybe we'll see you at Chapters! 
I trust you stayed warm this weekend and are ready to face a brand new week. I did and I am, so here we go!

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January 11, 2019

Okay, you're going to think I'm nuts - and unless you're new here, you've probably had that thought already! And I'm right there with you on that, some days. Maybe, strangely enough, it's what's kept me sane.

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January 10, 2019

How can someone get jet lag without even being on a plane? I guess our little trip to Vegas was a bit more excitement (okay, a LOT more) than this gal is used to; I'm still just resting and trying to catch up. How did I ever do this and still get up at 3:30 am the next day?

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January 9, 2019

Well, we're back "home" in Palm Springs again, having taken our friend and my former radio partner Mike Cooper to McCarran International for his flight back to Toronto yesterday. All in all, it was a fun-filled and entertaining few days filled with laughs, hugs and even a few truly surprising moments. Let me take you back to Saturday, one of the most incredible angel-kissed days of my life.

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January 8, 2019

Happy Tuesday! I've a story about angels, signs and just plain luck to share with you here tomorrow. But first, where we are today and just how much of a lift it's giving three of us. Yes, three. 

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January 7, 2019

Welcome back - and if you weren't here last week because of holidays, there were fresh journals Wednesday through Friday, so take a peek - and I hope you had a great restful few days. We didn't, but that was in the best way possible and I'll tell you about it here tomorrow!

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January 4, 2019

Well, here we are, at the end of the first (partial) week of 2019. I don't know when I'll get used to saying that new number, but at least I'm not finding myself filling in the 19-- part of a cheque book, page after page. I would always do that anytime the new calendar changed in January.

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January 3, 2019

So early in the year and already I have a confession to make. I am not crazy about one of the biggest, buzziest films of the 2018/19 season. It's taking a lot of courage on my part to stand up and say this, being the "people pleaser" I try to be on so many fronts (Trumpsters being the main exception), and acknowledging the fact that so many people who are far, far more knowledgeable and accomplished in film criticiquing than I am are running out of superlatives to praise it. But here goes.
I didn't love Roma.

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January 2, 2019

Here we are - beginning another year together in this quiet spot I call my journal and I want to thank you for making the time in this often hectic life to sit here with me for a few minutes nearly every day.
Was your holiday break a good one? Did you indulge a little too much and sleep as long as you wanted? I hope you did just the right amount of recharging your batteries to carry you through the winter months as we await longer days and whiffs of spring.

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