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Just a thought... Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. [Robert Brault]

This day is one that I might not have remembered as kind of a "red letter" one, had a lovely person not reminded me on Twitter yesterday. But indeed, 52 weeks ago today was my final morning with CHFI, which makes today's journal, and its full circle feeling, especially fitting.
Once or twice a year, the folks who run radio for Rogers, both in Toronto and across the country, make their way to the westernmost post in their 51-station realm to Victoria. On Tuesday night, Julie Adam, who was our program director at CHFI for many years before her upward trajectory took her to the top: Senior Vice President of Rogers Radio, landed just about five minutes from our home.
Rather than have her take a cab to Victoria, Rob and I offered to pick Julie up so she and I could catch up for the 25-minute drive to her downtown hotel. Despite her warning that it was an 11 pm arrival, we insisted and there's no way we were going to let her be this close without seeing her.
Nobody who ever managed any branch of a company has a better laugh - or likes to laugh more - than Julie Adam. I can never see a snowball without thinking of the time she pulled out one she'd kept in a freezer and whipped it at Mike Cooper. In summer. I think she burst into the studio to do it, if I recall correctly; Mike would have a clearer memory.
It was with that sense of humour in mind that I made up a sign, purposely misspelling her name, and waited for her in the arrivals section of our small, lovely airport.

Erin Davis waiting at the airport

Rob signalled that he could see her coming, so I doffed my long coat and stood there in my white, black and red fleece pajamas and long black robe. (Yes, people definitely looked my way, but they could see by the redness in my face that at least I had the good sense to be embarrassed!) 
Delayed a few minutes by her quick trip into the ladies' room before she came through the doors (wouldn't you just know it?) she emerged and saw our sign. And yes, she laughed.

Erin Davis and Julie Adam

Turns out it wasn't even the silliest sign there on Tuesday night: a girl and a guy were awaiting a friend and were toting a white one that had written on it, in big letters, 'TITS.' (Wish we'd been there to see someone's reaction to that one!) 
It was wonderful to see Julie again, to get caught up, to share a laugh and just connect. 

Erin Davis and Julie Adam

What a truly lovely bit of timing: this anniversary, that meeting and a dinner and visit (and sleepover) with my friend and direct Toronto boss, Wendy Duff, last evening. It's been a good week, and I thank you for sharing it with me. I'll be back to wrap it up with you here tomorrow.

Erin Davis and Julie Adam

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