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Just a thought... While we try to teach our children all about life,
 Our children teach us what life is all about. [Angela Schwindt]

I trust you had a good weekend. I've been watching the GTA forecast and thinking of you, and remembering a summer in 1992 that was an awful lot like this one in Southern Ontario: unsettled, rainy, cool at times and not the kind of weather that pool and spa retailers relish, if you know what I mean.
But it was in July of that year that we did something that has been the source of family laughter ever since and I thought I'd share it with you today. I've lots of pictures for the rest of the week and even a special video that I shot with Molly on a beach, but today, I felt like sharing this story with you.
Tired of the rain and chilly weather, Rob and I did something we had never done before: we booked a trip to the Caribbean in the middle of the summer! We found an all-inclusive that seemed to have beach chairs with our names on them, and asked my parents, who then lived a few hours down the road in Brighton, Ontario, to take care of Lauren for a week. Here she is that same month. And yes, that's Joe Carter. Don't we make a nice family? ;)

Joe Carter, Erin Davis and Lauren

At 15 months old, she was a bright, bright girl: chattering and putting words into an order that made her wishes very clear. The one thing she wasn't interested in doing was walking. And we were okay with that.
With no reservations, we left her in the capable and loving hands of her grandparents as we jetted off to Jamaica for a week of sun, fun and trivia games in the pool! Of course, the best part of a trip like that is knowing there's a little person (or people) on the other end, waiting to welcome you home with big shouts and kisses. We drove to Brighton, excited about the moment Lauren would see us, but we had no idea the surprise that my mom and dad had in store.
When we opened their front door and called out, "Hello!" who should come running (not walking) to the front door, but our 15-month-old curly-haired daughter! It seems that her requests - okay, demands - of "uppy!" were not going to be heeded by my parents; they said, "No, you walk." Which marked what we jokingly referred to as two firsts: her walking and her being told no! (Not true, but close enough.)
Up until our departure, it had always been, "Uppy, Daddy!" or "Uppy, Mommy!" but my parents made sure that changed in the week we were away. One more week and they'd have had her speaking Latin and driving the car, so it's a good thing we came back when we did!
I've seen that the forecast for this week and next, back where most of this journal's readers are, is looking pretty good. So I hope that whatever you're doing, Mother Nature cooperates and you're about to squeeze in some good times.
Tomorrow, an answer to a question that was sent to me a week ago that has been eating at me since then. Since I figure you may be wondering the same thing she was, I'll share my response and hope that it's enough. Be well and we'll talk to you then.
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