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The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. [Henry Van Dyke]

It's been a busy week – especially here with you. I had hoped that our trip to Ottawa would freshen my perspective to spark some writing and it sure did. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Colin stories on Monday. I've a few odds and ends to share as we wrap up the week today, including about that toy we mentioned here Tuesday.
Thanks to Jan who wrote:

Just to let you know, I tried to purchase Sophie the Giraffe at MasterMind and only a couple of their stores had any in stock - I think the new one in Brampton & one in Vaughan. I did find it online at Chapters/Indigo - in fact MasterMind's sales person recommended that I try there. It is $29.95 at Chapters/Indigo and they have all sorts of the Sophie products in stock, whereas MasterMind had none. Just thought I would save some people a trip to MasterMind looking for Sophie. Thanks for the great tip about this teething toy. We have three baby showers coming up and they are going to make great gifts.

Thank you, Jan. We even heard this week from the woman I mentioned seeing on CBC's Dragons' Den, who brought this toy to Canada. She's sending a copy of the Sophie book to the station for me to share with Colin, which is awfully nice of her and totally unexpected. By the way, I've also heard from listeners this week who said they saw the giraffe toy in the movie Three Men and a Baby way back when. Remember it, with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg? Of course, that makes sense: the movie was a remake of a French film. And where did Sophie come from? Right. France.
When I posted a Sophie pic and story on our CHFI Facebook page, there were plenty of comments about the price of the toy. But I figure that when you add up all of the toys, chewies and everything else babies are surrounded with that they don't use, you might be able to justify it. Of course, if – like Jan – you have three showers, it can get pretty steep. I get that.
So here we head into the second weekend of spring and the weather looks distinctly wintry. If there's anything we know as Canadians, it's that the seasonal calendar and the weather never line up. Where does spring feel like spring in the early going? At what parallel, I wonder? (And yes it's a somewhat rhetorical question; I see my Aunt Laura's posts from Victoria and they're the antithesis to the photos that beleagured folks from the Maritimes are posting.)
But I had to share with you a tweet from CITY's Natasha Ramsahai. On Wednesday, she tweeted @CityNatasha: “Grrrr...double digit wind chills returning at night this weekend.” I wrote to her: “Your 'grrrr' worries me. If a real meteorologist is growling at the cold, what hope do we mere mortals have? #help”
Her response? “You have no hope. Go and dig yourself a tunnel and whimper in the corner of it until the 1st 20 degree day.”
Well, there you have it: a trained meteorologist is just telling us we're in trouble! (I love her sense of humour.) Me? I'm not going to try the tunnel thing; we know how that turned out for the fellow who worked so hard on that one near Driftwood Court. Unless you don't know the next chapter in Elton McDonald's amazing story, in which case you'll enjoy this story in Maclean's about this young man's successful crowd fundraising efforts to help kids in his neighbourhood. What an uplifting read to end your week! 
In the meantime, whether it's tunneling as Natasha suggests or just curling up with a good story, enjoy your weekend. A short week beckons and we'll be here with you Monday to help kick it off. Thanks for spending time here this week.
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