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Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket. [anonymous] 

Welcome to Daylight Saving Time. I'm not sure how it's affected you, but if you're like most people, you feel a little lagged and couldn't help noticing how much darker it was when you awoke or headed out this morning than it was on Friday. But since Rob and I get up on Mondays at 3:10, I suppose it might have felt like 2:10, but what's an hour to the perpetually sleep-deprived, anyway? Ah, well, as the alarm on my iPhone reminds me, “This is your dream job. Get up.”
Once you make peace with the fact that you cannot stay out at night, you cannot overindulge in anything, you cannot watch the live late night TV that you wish you could, the early morning radio shift really isn't so hard to adjust to. Okay, most of the time. What you need is a routine and Rob and I have slid into a very comfortable one over the years: up early, bed by around 2 pm for two to three hours' nap and then up until a reasonable time of 10 pm. We get our eight hours' sleep, just not all at once. And on weekends we stay up 'til 11 or midnight and sleep in until 9 am. We seem to be unique among our early morning radio friends, but we consider those decadent weekend mornings a chance to recharge our batteries.
But there comes a time when, like a well-used cell phone, the battery simply refuses to charge. And that's why we take vacations. Also, it's why the longer you do mornings, the more those days off are not just a matter of relaxation, but of survival. We're so grateful that Rogers management (unlike those among many of our competitors) are believers in giving their Monday through Friday morning shows days off on statutory holidays. They recognize that a vast majority of our listeners are sleeping in, so we should, too. They treat us like humans and, as I say, we are grateful.
Something for which we are not grateful is the natural fact that the world operates on a different schedule than we do. When there's construction going on next door (as there is at our place up north), or renos, repairs or fire alarm testing (as there frequently is at our downtown condo), we're up the creek without the proverbial paddle. I've tried everything to block out daytime noise for our naps and have even gone so far as seeing an audiologist for custom ear plugs. Nope. They don't work nearly as well as something I picked up at the drug store: clear silicone discs about the size of a LifeSaver, that go into your ear. They're not supposed to be shaped to fit your ear canal, but it's the only chance I have for my super hearing to be muted. So they're my best weapon.
Anyone who works overnights or graveyards: nurses, drivers, cops, firefighters – and there are a lot of people on our hours – have their tricks. From the sign we put outside our doors when it's election time, telling people that there are shift workers sleeping so please do not knock, to taking a land line phone off the hook so nothing in the house will ring, we all do what we can. People often say, “I was going to call, but I didn't want to risk waking you up.” No worries; we've taken care of that possibility.
So here's to “springing forward” and more daylight in the evenings. Our job will be to brighten your mornings until the days actually do get longer, but then, that's our job anyway. And sleep deprivation or not, I know that nobody on our show would change it for all of the sleeping in in the world. I did that for a year in 2003/2004. And trust me, it's highly over-rated!
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