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The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher. [Robert Brault]

What a wonderful, almost unbelievable time to be a baseball fan in this city! The drought is finally over and our boys in blue are in the post season. It's been an incredible, indelible ride so far and what happens next? We wait. We bite our nails. And for many, we think about those we wish were cheering on the Jays with us.

Lauren and Rob

It was a foregone conclusion that our Lauren was going to be a Jays fan. Born in 1991, her baby bottles were embossed with Blue Jays logos and little pictures of bats and balls and birds. In fact, one of our favourite stories of those glory years over two decades ago has to do with our baby, her leaky diaper and the World Series.
It was the night of Game 6 of the series, Saturday, October 24th, 1992. Lauren was exactly 19 months old that day, to give this story a little texture. I had volunteered to emcee an event for Famous People Players - the black light theatre performers - and, of course, even the potential of our team winning its first World Series couldn't keep us away from a commitment like that.
We have such vivid memories of that night, not only because we were able to make it from downtown Toronto to our home in Richmond Hill for final extra innings (there weren't many cars on the road that night), but because Rob learned a valuable lesson when it came to babies.
During intermission for the show, which paid tribute to Pierre Trudeau as I recall, Lauren, who'd been perched on her daddy's lap enthralled with the display, needed a diaper change. Being in a hurry, and not having a changing table in the men's room, Rob switched out her diaper handily and quickly while she was standing on the floor! And therein lies the lesson: a diaper put on when a baby's not horizontal can make for less-than-ideal protection.
During the second act of the Famous People Players' show, Rob found out the hard way just how poorly that diaper was covering our girl. Because every time there was an explosion of light (just like excited Jays fans everywhere were probably doing) baby Lauren peed a little bit. And a little more. And...you get the picture.
By the time the show was over and we were racing to the car to get a score on the radio, Rob was drenched.
It was a story we always laughed about - Lauren thought it was hilarious - and just one of those memories that will be tied forever, for us, with one of the best nights of our lives. It ended with a 4-3 win for the good guys over Atlanta in 11 innings. There wasn't a dry eye - or in Rob's case, lap - in the house.
As we keep in our hearts those who'd have loved to be with us this time around for another heady run at post season glory, I thought I'd share that family memory with you. Almost everybody has a story from the Jays' first two championship wins. So, here's to making new ones.
Today we're off to visit our baby's baby and his daddy again in Ottawa. Thanks for sharing some time here this week and we'll talk to you on Monday.
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