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Just a thought... There is much worth noticing that often escapes the eye. [Norton Juster]

Things you notice when you move from one part of the country to another, part 459:
Vancouver Island has to be the nation's capital for VW van owners. I don't know this for a fact; I only know what I see. Never in my life have I noticed so many van campers or buses on the road. They range in age from what must be nearly 50 years old to fairly recent; a bit of online research tells me they were being made until very recently and that a cool concept version is due out in 2020 with a driverless model on tap for 2025. 
There is a lot of hippie vibe in this place, this special island off the coast of Canada, and it ramps up by about 100% on the smaller islands nearby like Hornby and Salt Spring. It just fits that these vans are still so much a part of the landscape here that I see four or five every time I go out. We've started counting these bigger Volkswagens, just as, when we were kids, we'd point out VW Beetles and punch each other while calling out the colour. If you come out this way - and I can't recommend it highly enough - you'll notice it, too.
The other big difference is in gas prices. Not the amount, per se, but the stability of them. When we came out in December, the price at the pumps - almost every single one of them (except Costco) was 123.9 a litre. A short time ago it bumped up to 129.9 and it's stayed there, nearly everywhere in Victoria.
This is a vast contrast to the difference in prices from one part of the GTA to another, where the rates can vary by five or even as much as ten cents. For example, yesterday at a Pioneer at Dupont near Ossington in Toronto, it was 112.9 - the lowest price around according to - while all across Victoria it's just a steady 129.9. A Petro Canada did try to float a 139.9 price when Harvey was making landfall over Texas, but that didn't take, thankfully. Nice try, though.
And one more roadside observation today: I've seen buckets of bouquets for sale at the side of busy roadways like around Rosedale Valley Road downtown, presumably for procrastinating romantics. But out here, the roadsides are littered - in the best possible way - with little stands stocked with ice cream buckets holding colourful riots of dahlias and other in-season flowers. You take a bunch, leave your five dollars and away you go.
I swore that when we moved here I'd have flowers every day and, of course, we don't because that's some extravagance that I don't feel worthy of (blah blah blah) but it makes me smile every time I pass by these cheery offerings from someone's garden. 
I also see plenty of signs for Free Range Eggs but I wonder, what are range eggs and why aren't they charging? (Kidding).
Have a great day, thanks for sharing a bit with me and I'll be back with you tomorrow to wrap up the week.
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