Friday, July 25, 2014

Just a Thought...

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.  [Celia Thaxter]

My journal (and I) are taking a brief summer holiday.  I know that sometimes I have posted favourite blogs from the past, but I've been so very busy in recent weeks that my time has just run out.  Between interviews to prepare for, extra work on shows, nights out (work related, of course!) and that baby shower for which I should be much further along in my planning, I'm slammed.  So - please come back August 11th!  I hope we see our Blue Jays back in #1 spot by then.  What a nice treat that would be!

And speaking of pleasant surprises...this week Rob and I attended the early premiere of Get On Up, a biography of the late, great soul singer James Brown.  We went in with some interest but not a ton of optimism; musical biopics can be so hit (Ray) and miss (Jersey Boys) but this one was absolute dynamite.  Chad Boseman first got our attention as Jackie Robinson in the baseball flick 42, so we knew he could bring it, but man did he BRING IT!  You have never seen moves like the ones he pulled off as he completely and utterly embodied the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business".  From his hard luck and dirt poor upbringing in Georgia to the bright lights of the Apollo Theater and many more stops along the way and afterwards, James Brown's was a story of perseverance, talent and sheer nastiness. 

Aptly enough, the film was a Jagged Production and one of the men behind the scenes (and shown briefly backstage and in some old footage on a tiny screen during a televised concert) is none other than Mick Jagger.  Jagger has said that one of the worst (or hardest) things he and the Rolling Stones ever did was follow James Brown and his Amazing Flames.  Anyway, I've no idea what the real critics will say next Friday when it comes out; I'm just saying that Get On Up is worth the price of admission.  And Chad Boseman is a force to be reckoned with.  As someone who is usually overly critical of these things, it didn't even occur to me (or to Rob who's equally picky) that Boseman might not be singing.  You'll have to wait until the closing credits to find out for yourself.

And so, off we go.  I'm cutting myself off (and it's going to be painful) from social media for the next two weeks.  I have gotten overly exorcised about the Toronto political scene again and I am not a better person for it.  I'm also looking to shift my priorities a bit and be more of the wife and mother I think I should be.  I've been watching my inbox and iPhone a little too much and losing sight of what's really important.  So, hopefully with a heart full of inspiration and a spirit sparking with possibilities, I'm back to you on August 11, ready to take on the world. 

I wish you a wonderful couple of weeks and thank you - as always - for coming by.  I don't take one click, one email, one good wish for granted.  Talk to you soon. 

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