Friday, August 22, 2014

Just a Thought...

In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.  [Myla and Jon Kabat-Zin]

Ahhh...Friday.  The week started with an ice dunking and went from there.  The ALS Society has been so swamped here in Canada (over $1.5 million because of the Ice Bucket Challenge) that it had to turn its website over to someone else to handle.  (It's still easy to make a donation.)  Meantime, in the US, as of yesterday, donation totals were over $41 million!  And to think that last year's were $4 million.  What a wonderful viral thing to further brighten these later days of August - a cheery diversion from the horrendous happenings around the world and here within our own borders.  That's not to say that those things have gone away (or that there is anything at all lighthearted about Lou Gehrig's Disease itself), but heaven help us, it's so good to be reminded of what we all can do when we look up from our lives (and screens) to lift our hearts and join hands for a common cause. 

Rob and I have a busy couple of days ahead, and they kick into high gear today.  My sister Leslie, who's been immeasurably helpful in the past several weeks as the plans have escalated, comes to stay (with her husband) tonight.  Together, we'll decorate and prepare our condo's party room for daughter Lauren's baby shower tomorrow.  I'll share a few pictures with you on Monday - don't want to wear you out with all of this baby stuff.  I can't wait to see the cake prepared by our co-worker and culinary magician Angela Morra.  I found a picture of one I loved on Pinterest (where else?) and she's turning it into reality.  The rest of the shower is up to, and the caterer, that is!

On Wednesday, Lauren and her husband Phil, her dad Rob and I hit the road for London, where Rob's mom lives.  She hasn't seen her granddaughter in a while and we had a wonderful visit with lots of food and gifts.  As long a trip as it is to London, it's easier for us all to head her way than for Lauren's 81-year-old grandmother to make the journey to downtown TO, so we were glad to fit in some time together while Lauren and Phil are in the GTA this week.

As you might expect when a couple gets married to the strains of a string duo playing Beatles music, and whose first dance was to a McCartney song, Lauren and Phil are likely to get more than their share of awesome Fab Four baby gear.  This onesie came from Lauren's Aunt Lois.  The parents-to-be were suitably thrilled.

Yesterday we got together with Lauren's cousin (and bestie) Meaghan, whose son Nolan - as I told you here - joined the world on June 2.  He's usually got such a serious look on his little face, that I just love this big smile.  Meaghan is taking to first-time motherhood with grace and happiness, and I know that Lauren was watching closely and had to have been imagining herself in Meaghan's shoes (and nursing bra) in the not-too-distant future.

As you can imagine, we're all pretty excited.  So, tomorrow, it's tea and laughter, gifts and games.  I wish us all an easy, joyful weekend and we'll be back here with you Monday. 

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