Friday, September 19, 2014

Just a Thought...

Lots of people talk to animals....  Not very many listen, though....  That's the problem.  [Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh]

Friday - and we are SO ready for it.   Before I forget, let me invite you to drop by the Apple Market at 2281 Camilla Road in Mississauga tomorrow (in the Queensway and Hurontario area).  I'll be there on behalf of my...and my husband's...and my dad's favourite natural anti-inflammatory, SierraSil.  Come by between 12:00 and 1:30 or so and we'll chat.  I promise I won't try to sell you anything - we can talk about whatever you want.  I love meeting CHFI listeners and journal visitors!  Here, courtesy of our friends at Google, is where I'll be.

It seems the thing most people used to want to ask me when it comes to the natural capsules and topical spray, for which I do daily ads, is "Do they really work?"  And the answer is "yes"...if you take them as directed: all at once and away from food.  Of course, no one thing is right for everyone (or it'd make your bathroom counter a whole lot less cluttered) but it's got a money back guarantee.  Anyway, this isn't an ad today - that's not why you come here.

The other thing people write to me about is their pets.  Our pet.  Our little Pepper, who's 16-1/2 years old and for whom we'd cancelled a grooming appointment in June, so sure were we that he wasn't going to live for more than a week or so.  He was listless, not moving much, shaking when he did and just...sad.  His tail - usually bright and cheery and proudly waving behind him like the flag in yesterday's journal - was sadly lagging between his legs.  Things were not good and we didn't want to be keeping our beloved shih-tzu/poodle with us just because we weren't ready to let him go.  Sometimes love really does mean setting something free, and we were getting ourselves prepared.

Then I had an idea: if one SierraSil capsule in his dinner wasn't helping his joints any more, why not try two?  Although that's more than half of an adult human daily dosage, we knew that the capsules had been tested to dozens and dozens of times the recommended amount, with no harmful effects.  So we decided we had nothing to lose.  We were already facing saying good-bye to our beloved family friend.

We also took our own advice: we always tell people you have to take the capsules away from food, which doesn't exactly work with a dog.  So we sprinkled the capsules' contents over his morning food when his belly was as empty as it could be. 

I swear to you the difference in our dog was like night and day and that improvement continues to manifest itself.  Pepper has been jumping, not on to the bed, but up on the ottoman we've placed at the end and then on to the bed (he's nearly blind, after all).  He runs back into the house after a piddle on the lawn, he trots through his daily walks and - for the times of the day when he's not napping - he acts much like his 10-year-old "sister" Molly.

Sometimes when you take any kind of pain relief, people say, "Oh, it's all in your head; you want that to work so much, you just think you're getting better."  Maybe with some products and in some cases, that's true; we all know that the human mind and spirit are powerful healers.  But a dog?  We couldn't make this up.  All we know is what we see.  And now friends who witness the change in Pepper are starting to ask if it might work on their own dogs.  Our friend Ross has been giving it to his big elderly furry mix Tiva now for months.  And she's still here.

If you ever wonder what makes a person who hasn't done endorsements in her career change her mind, it's believing in something so wholeheartedly that you'd put the life of your own beloved dog in the hands of its makers.  SierraSil is made with natural ingredients (from the earth) by good, good people; owner Michael Bentley is a pillar in his church and community in BC and someone in whom I've put the trust of my most valued asset: my integrity.

I didn't intend to write today about this product, but after a week that just seemed to be one jaw-dropping story after another, I wanted to lighten things up and share a bit of what's in my heart, in our home....

I hope to see you at The Apple Market tomorrow.  And though I might not, I wish you a gentle weekend and look forward to your return here on Monday.  Thank you for coming by.  We're getting closer by the day to my brand new website and I can't wait to share it with you!

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