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Monday, November 13, 2023

Just a thought… Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between. [Maya Angelou]

Well, I’m off to the (hopefully) friendly skies again this week, in a Porter plane – yes, a big one – pointed towards Toronto. Actually I should clarify: last year when I was grounded for seven hours in Edmonton, it was not by unfriendly skies, but by computer woes that wouldn’t let WestJet flights board safely.

When I arrived in the early hours of the next morning, my husband was able to let me know my suitcase hadn’t accompanied me. (Thank you, Apple Air Tags. SOLID investment for travellers, those who lose their keys, and so many other applications.)

You may recall what happened: the next day, a Thursday, I found myself scurrying around downtown Toronto looking for an inexpensive dress and shoes and a few bits of makeup to help make me presentable to a crowd for whom I was emceeing the next day.

I managed just that, but not before my “Teri Godmother,” media personality Teri Hart, swept into my hotel room with a rack full of possible ensembles. I chose a few, then opted for something on sale at The Bay that was a better fit for me and the event. But to Teri I will always be grateful.

Here’s the dress I settled on. My lumpy legs in certain lighting (read: anything that isn’t completely dark) made me wish I’d also paid for a slip. Live and learn…but be sure to make room to panic in there, too!

This trip, I’m travelling smarter: although there is no planned stop in the trip (direct to YYZ from Victoria, Porter? I’m SO in!) I am packing for my two nights and two full days with just carry-on. It’ll be one dress, shoes, stockings, some casual stuff to layer and the usual bag of cosmetic tricks that make me feel comfortable on the welcoming stage of the Canada Awards for Excellence.

I love that Allan Ebedes, the boss at Excellence Canada, and his crew keep inviting me back – and wish I was doing more of this! But geography and my gradual fade into whatever reWirement is supposed to be take their toll, I suppose, as people hire hosts who are still in the spotlight and don’t need to fly to get there.

This year on stage I’m wearing the dress I got for under $40 on sale in the US last winter – the one I found hanging in a change room and proudly announced this winter to the viewers and hosts of The Social on CTV the price and how finding the deal of the century can make anything feel or look better on you. I am not proud; I have no problem telling people what I spent if it’s a fantastic deal. This shot was taken in our hotel library.

Not everything I’ve bought over the years was a bargain at the time; I have a few pieces that were on sale but that I still spent WAY too much on. But if 15-20 years later I’m still putting on a jacket and thinking, look at how long I’ve enjoyed this, it was a good purchase, don’t you think? I’m just glad I don’t have any Peter Nygard in the mix. Holy jeez, what a monster that guy was/is.

Oh and as for that pink dress I picked up on sale at The Bay that day for last year’s awards event? WestJet did refund me for my purchases that day. Rob wrote them a letter saying, “Most women, when they enter a room, feel they’re the center of attention. In this case, my wife actually was…” and went on from there! They also reimbursed me $100 for each hour we were grounded because it was their fault, no doubt about it.

I’m not a whiner or someone who pursues things doggedly, but occasionally, at least asking and explaining – always in the most polite and compassionate of ways – can work. And if you think, Oh, it’s because you’re Erin Davis… see “reWirement/fading” above. Nope. Not that I carried or threw around any weight back in the day, but now it’s a moot point.

So, in and out of YYZ I go, hoping for gentle weather and a warm reception. A part of me will always consider Toronto home, but as we all know, our true home is where the heart is. Now it is in our little town on the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, BC. And it’s firmly in the grip of two little people, three adults and one (hopefully expectant) dog.

Have a gentle week and I’ll be on my socials as the trip goes along.

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Rob WhiteheadMonday, November 13, 2023