How Closely did YOU Listen to Gracefully & Frankly?

Here are the correct answers, shown in bold

1. What did Lisa’s husband give her for Christmas that Erin thought was risky?

A: A bathtub toaster oven

B: Shapermint shapewear

C: An anatomically-correct Jason Momoa doll

2. Which musical did Erin not take her parents to, back-to-back?

A: Jersey Boys

B: Diana: The Musical

C: The Sound of Music

3. A pseudo-controversy over which popular candy gave Lisa and Erin a meltdown?

A: M&Ms

B: Smarties

C: Hershey Kisses

4. Which late broadcasting icon did Erin and Lisa discuss?

A: Lisa LaFlamme

B: Tucker Carlson

C: Barbara Walters

5. What company is Galen Weston the face of?

A: Loblaws

B: Metro

C: Sobey’s

6. Bell changed the way it handled its mental health initiative this year. What is it?

A: Let’s Chat

B: Let’s Talk

C: Let’s Text

7. What did Hazel McCallion tell us helped keep her youthful?

A: Grape Nuts Cereal

B: Orange-flavoured Metamucil

C: Tart Cherry Juice

8. What does the boss in the “Coffee Test” watch his interviewee do?

A: What they do with their cup afterwards

B: Whether they slurp

C: How much sugar they add

9. It’s the Year of the Rabbit. What animal sign do Erin and Lisa share?

A: Rabbit

B: Snake

C: Tiger

10. What future movie star did Erin babysit while working in Windsor?

A: Sarah Polley

B: Gary Coleman

C: Kristen Bell

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