December 2018

Fri, 12/14/2018

Erin’s Journal Fri, 12/14/2018 – 01:02 Just a thought… What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colorful. [Joshua Foer] Oh, I love the stories you shared with me on FB, in light of yesterday’s journal, about the Christmases that you ruined. Thank you so much for your own memories. One reader, as a girl, burst into tears on

Erin DavisFri, 12/14/2018
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Thu, 12/13/2018

Erin’s Journal Thu, 12/13/2018 – 00:30 Just a thought… Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. [Oscar Wilde] As I get set to wrap up the week tomorrow with another Friday Favourite, I have been reminiscing these past few days about the Christmas I ruined – for myself.     This

Erin DavisThu, 12/13/2018
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Wed, 12/12/2018

Erin’s Journal Wed, 12/12/2018 – 00:30 Just a Thought… Somehow, not only for Christmas But all the long year through, The joy that you give to others Is the joy that comes back to you. [John Greenleaf Whittier] Here we are, less than two weeks from Christmas, and I’m hoping – as are those who’ve

Erin DavisWed, 12/12/2018
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Tue, 12/11/2018

Erin’s Journal Tue, 12/11/2018 – 00:30 Just a thought… If you plan everything in life, it means you’ll never experience something unexpected. [Anonymous] Thanks for sharing a few minutes here today. Today, a suggestion on how you might like to spend a few hours….   Now that the Golden Globe nominations have been announced (airing

Erin DavisTue, 12/11/2018
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Mon, 12/10/2018

Erin’s Journal Mon, 12/10/2018 – 00:30 Just a thought… If every day is a gift, then today I got socks. [Author Unknown] Hello – and I hope you had as restful a weekend as the season allows. It’s just two weeks now until Christmas Eve and we’re feeling strangely serene given how insulated we are

Erin DavisMon, 12/10/2018
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