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Fri, 03/22/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. [Ryunosuke Satoro]

I just want to write a thank you to you and everyone who has written to me or posted on my Facebook Page about Mourning Has Broken. Some have taken it on vacation; some – like broadcaster Jerry Howarth, himself an author with Hello Friends having hit bookstands – have written to tell me chapter by chapter how the book has affected them.
I even have a friend who lives nearby who lets me know when she spots my book (in which she is personally thanked) around town! That’s how this picture came to be: I saw it in the window at Tanner’s in our nearby town of Sidney, BC on Wednesday. This will never get old, I promise you. I resisted the temptation to go in and ask if I could sign some. This time.

Erin Davis

You know how I feel about you coming here, supporting me in silence and in words, and the kindness that you’ve extended to Rob, to Lauren and her little family and to me over the years. But I got an email last week that made me laugh out loud and I thought it was just a perfect way to wrap up five days that began with a broken heart for those who suffer racism and discrimination, and were peppered with the humour of some stupid things I did (chocolate crotch) or came up with (Clenz menu). This is just perfect. Over to you, Ruth:

I had a funny experience today at the Cobourg Walmart that I must share with you, Erin. I was passing a display and suddenly saw one book – your book – tucked into the top shelf of the display all by itself! It’s not difficult to recognize that cover! I noticed a couple of Walmart ladies walking by and called them over. I said, “Do you know who this lady is?” (pointing to your name) to which they replied, “No.”
So I start with your morning hosting at CHFI which they then both acknowledged. I gave them a brief intro to the book and said, “Now it’s a must read so you’ll be able to help promote it! And, by the way,” I went on, “Erin also does promotional writing for Walmart!” That, they did not know. What a great day I had! 

Thank you, Ruth, and to all of the “part-time publicists” who have been advocating for and reviewing my book (at if you’re so inclined) and just helping me out!
In the spirit of returning the favour, you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter that I’d like to join your book club if you’re going to be sharing Mourning Has Broken. Let me know and I’ll call in by phone or join by Skype or FaceTime, in case you would like a Q & A or just a chat about the book.
It’s truly the very least I can do. And by the way, there are some plans in the works for me to return to the GTA for a couple of events in June, too, but I’ll keep you posted here. Have a terrific first weekend of spring and I’ll be back here with you on Monday. 

Erin DavisFri, 03/22/2019