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Thu, 02/28/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other. [Linda Ellerbee]

For most folks, today it’s “good riddance” to this month. But, honestly, I say good-bye to February with mixed emotions. I mean, sure, it included one of the best days and weeks of our lives, but hell – what is it with this weather? All we asked for, checked Farmers’ Almanac about, crossed our fingers and hoped was that the weather would somehow cooperate.
We got out to CTV in Agincourt for a visit with my dear friend Bev Thomson by 8:00 am. Bev is the most caring and sweet person and she was so engaging, having read the book, while remembering Lauren so fondly. 
That was the easiest part of our day. Then the snow kicked in bigtime. As we listened to 680 News for updates, hearing cancellation after cancellation, the knots in my stomach could have made for a macrame wall hanging. Whiteout conditions. Idiots taking unnecessary risks. No signs of plows. I miss Ontario – I miss you – but THIS? 
I’m not sure if my interview with Bev ran yesterday; the big stories were Michael Cohen, bad weather and, of course, the scummit going on in Vietnam. But it was a great chat with her, followed by a trip back downtown to the lakefront and the Corus studios for an interview with Global’s Susan Hay. I hope you saw it last evening. 
All went well and we made our way to First Canadian Place for a noon book signing at Chapters Indigo – I was so happy (as were organizers) with the number of folks who came by for a hug, a picture and an autographed book. So far so good, right?
Then came the big challenge: getting to Oshawa for the evening event. We were on the DVP forever (nearly two hours), weaving and fishtailing on HORRENDOUS “all season” tires that came with our rented Hertz KIA. The last car that was available when we landed at Pearson a week ago today, we were weaving all over our lane on the Don Valley. Very scary and not a snow plow in sight.
Last evening was my final GTA signing event for now and, despite the horrific weather that had hit us all yesterday, I was amazed to see a warm and wonderful (and given the snow, surprisingly large) turnout at the Chapters Indigo in Oshawa Centre.
By 9 pm, we’d wrapped it all up and it was off to the Sheraton Gateway to drop off the rental and grab a quick sleep before today’s 7am flight before a full day of interviews (and later book signing and interview with Ottawa Writers Festival). As we lay our heads down on our pillows at an airport hotel last night, I reflected upon something that happened yesterday at the book store at noon.
Besides having the honour and pleasure of connecting, hugging and talking with so many people, I had a private, special moment in the back room of the store before it all began. While I was signing books for people who had pre-ordered but couldn’t come to the event, a song came on the store PA. It was a tune I’ve never heard on the radio, a deep LP cut from the band Train called “Sing Together.”
This is the song from their CD California 37 to which Rob and I painstakingly put photos to play for my mother’s Momorial back in 2013. I hadn’t thought of Mom being with me on this journey, so immersed in my own motherhood have I been. But there was that song. And I knew she was just saying “hello” in her way.
I’ll be sharing a few more thoughts from this incredible week: so much has happened already and I haven’t had one minute to write in my personal, handwritten journal, never mind pick out a few moments that have stood out.
It’s been insane, but the feeling that has prevailed has been one, not of exhaustion (although there’s some of that), but of overwhelming gratitude for geting the chance to spread the message of this book. Of hope. Of “dancing with a limp.” Of one day smiling again. Through this book, Rob and I have found a purpose again. Life after life. And a feeling that it’s only the beginning. 
More from the road tomorrow. Now, who’s hungry? Here’s a link to my article this week for Walmart.

Erin DavisThu, 02/28/2019