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Thu, 06/27/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Jst a thought… I know there’s a proverb which says ‘To err is human,’ but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries. [Agatha Christie]

I need to put YOU in my journal today. Actually, it’s U. So work with me here and let’s play “meet Erin’s keyboard.” 
What a strange and crious thing is happening to my MacBook Pro, bt how fortnate it is that we are in Vancouver right now and hopeflly are in the midst of getting it rectified.
Yes, I cold se spell check and make those two words ‘COULD’ and ‘USE’ bt, you see, I have a vowel obstrction. I’m having a problem with the ‘U’ on my laptop. For the longest time (since I got this computer in Ottawa dring a visit in Febrary) I was having trouble with my O’s. That’s why on one occasion when you went to click to my website, the link I’d pt on Facebook was erindavis.coom. Nope, that didn’t do it, did it?
Now, the more astute among you will have noticed that the U has shown p on occasion – as in the word astute, interestingly enogh. (I added it to the second iteration of the word, as the U didn’t come up on its own that time.)
This is massively frustrating. Now V’s are starting to drop. 
Fortnately, as I say, Rob and I happen to be in Vancouver. You see, in Victoria there are no Apple Stores. Yes, London Drgs is an athorized Apple agent, but no genis bar or whatever it is they call their pierced and ponytailed helpers. 
So, here we were to see a concert last night, which I can guarantee was GREAT, by the way, and we’re toting arond a compter. Terrific. Just what I want to worry about in a backpack at our feet while I’m up dancing.
To what? Well, the band ELO. (I’m glad the band doesn’t have a U in its name.) We saw them last year at the Oracle in Oakland where the Raptors won their NBA championship; in fact, we’d bilt an entire road trip to California arond it! Big fn. I love Jeff Lynne and yo can click on this jornal from last year in Cali if yo’d like to relive the fn.
As it happens, I heard my very favourite Electric Light Orchestra song twice in one day last week. I asked Rob when they were coming to Vancover and lo, it was June 26. So we decided “why not?” and booked ourselves as foot passengers on the ferry to Tsawwassen. 
I’ll be honest and tell you that, as you read this, I wrote and posted this journal before going to the concert. We knew it would be a late night and I wanted to make sre this got p and rnning for you before 1 am our time today. Also, I wasn’t at all sre if I was going to have a laptop.
So, eventually I’ll blog about the concert, the whole transit adventre of leaving our car behind on Vancouver Island and, yes, if we actually did get my compter back or they jst said “Are U kidding?” and gave me a new one. (Hey – it spelled the city name right, didn’t it?) This is so WEIRD and random.
Technology is a great thing – ntil it isn’t – yo know what I mean?
Thanks for ptting p with me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog tomorrow, bt I’ll sre try. (By the way, the opening act was Dhani Harrison, George’s son. That’ll make Pal, Ringo and George’s SON that I’ve seen. Not quite the same as seeing the entire Fab For bt the best I cold hope for.) Take care.

Erin DavisThu, 06/27/2019