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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Just a thought… To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. [Winston Churchill]

As we like to say, the aim is “progress, not perfection,” so while I agree with Sir Winston’s sentiment, I will tell you that here with this journal, I’m not claiming or setting my sights on perfection, just improvement.

I’ve had a few people ask me via social media (particularly at if they can still find my journal in written form; the mere fact you’re here means that you know that I do write a journal as well as shoot, edit and produce a video version.

So here’s my quandary for the next two, including today’s: they’re both straight video. What happened was, we took Brooke, Phil, Colin and Jane away for a few days. It was a truly memorable and magical experience and we all came out just the right mix of rested and exhausted!

While we were there, Brooke came up with an idea: she would quiz me for my video journal on terminology that Gen Z’s and Millennials use, and see if I knew what the terms meant. (She’s always a bit surprised when I know what she’s talking about on social media!) So we shot a short, fun video that you can find HERE today. And on Monday we’re going to share with you a very real conversation (interrupted by some deer that were more ham than venison) about stepping into someone else’s shoes, as she has done so admirably.

Please forgive me if this is a disappointment to you. I know that for years this was written, sometimes daily, and that I’ve moved into new areas of sharing my message.

I promise that if you have any reluctance at all to push through with the technology (and trust me, if it were challenging, I wouldn’t ask you to) just drop me an email and Rob or I will walk you through any questions or concerns.

Know that I am thinking of you – the person who has been with me in thoughts and words since this began in 2003 or in the ensuing years. I haven’t forgotten you; I’m just growing and hope you will grow with me.

Next week, on Thursday, there will be the usual written and video journal options. But don’t miss these chances to meet Brooke, will you?

Rob WhiteheadThursday, September 16, 2021