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Wed, 02/14/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. [Ernest Hemingway]

Happy Valentine’s Day. And I guess it’s really appropriate that on this day that’s all about love, I get to tell you of something that combines my loves: travel, Rob and my favourite radio partner.
I hinted on Facebook a few weeks ago that it looked as if I might be given the opportunity to host a group on a river cruise in Europe. Well, the details are finalized and it’s even more amazing than I hoped: it’s not just one, but two river cruises. And it’s not only me – you’ll be travelling with me and Mike Cooper together!

Erin Davis and Mike Cooper

Yes, we’re reuniting for a week of Christmas magic in Germany and Austria and again in the spring for the terrific tulip season in Amsterdam and Belgium. How great is this?
Below, you’ll find how to get in touch with Gerry Koolhof of New Wave Travel (a trusted friend who has never led Rob and me astray on our own cruise choices over the past decade). New Wave and Ama are the best of the best and we’re so excited to be sharing these adventures through them and with you!
Let me share a few details just to whet your appetite: on the first cruise, titled Magical Christmas Markets, we’ll all embrace the holiday spirit beginning November 30, 2018 in Germany and Austria! We set sail from Nuremberg, stopping over the coming week in Regensburg and Passau in Germany and then Linz, Melk and finally the historic and breathtaking Vienna.
This spellbinding Danube River cruise will take us on the AmaSerena, the ultimate in custom-designed luxury, and promises us all memories to last a lifetime. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to get home for your own family Christmas. Just think of the presents you’ll be bringing! We have the opportunity to fill the remaining cabins on this cruise, which stand now at half. So we’d have half of the AmaSerena just for us!

Ama Christmas Markets

Now, if this trip wasn’t enough, next April we’re going to Amsterdam to take in the wonder of the tulip season through Belgium and the Netherlands! This Tulip Time river cruise aboard the one-year-old AmaKristina celebrates the joy of spring. On this special charter, you’ll experience Amsterdam, Bruges, Middelburg and Ghent. So many adventures – all in the lap of luxury. And I’m sure there’ll be lots of chances to walk off the chocolate, cheese and Belgian waffles!

Ama Tulip Time

Both of these river cruises have been carefully handpicked by Gerry Koolhof at New Wave and the team at AMA (pronounced Omma – which I didn’t know) Waterways. And there are special offers if you book within the next two weeks, by February 28th. Both of these packages are exclusive offers through New Wave and you can contact Gerry at the number or email above or below.
But best of all – at least in my books – is that my partner Mike Cooper is joining us (along with Debbie and Rob, of course) and we can’t wait to enjoy your company. You can bet there will be a ton of laughs and lots of stories (some may even be true) as we all get reacquainted and pick up where we left off on 98.1 CHFI.
There are early booking bonuses and Gerry will be able to answer all of your questions. Also, THIS APRIL we’re holding a public gathering for questions, answers (about insurance, flights and so on) and just hugs in a downtown Toronto hotel – date and location to be confirmed shortly. You’ll have a chance to meet Gerry and his fantastic team, visit with Rob, Debbie, Mike and me, and start making plans to have a great time with us on the Magical Christmas Markets and Tulip Time river cruises this November/December and in April of next year.
Hope to see you at the gathering in April and maybe on board one of the wonderful river cruises. If you have any questions at all, please contact Gerry Koolhof at New Wave Travel: 416-928-3113 ext 269 or

Erin DavisWed, 02/14/2018