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Just a thought... Human beings need pleasure the way they need vitamins. [Lionel Tiger]

Erin Davis relaxing before the game

We had a fun experience on Friday evening that I thought I'd share with you here today - in the form of an interview and some fan reaction. So buckle up and let's take a ride through the streets of Toronto in a bright van on the way to a sparkling Jays Game.

WestJet Fanwagon

When the folks at WestJet approached us through CHFI to take a ride in their Fanwagon, we decided, "Why not?" and spent a Friday in town awaiting our adventure, rather than pointing the car to the quiet comfort of home on Lake Simcoe. We're so glad we did.
While Darren met us at the game (he was coming in from Etobicoke), Rob and I were met at work at 1 Ted Rogers Way and climbed into a brightly-coloured WestJet minivan. There we met our "captain" and driver "Nemo", and Dani Farrugia, who is the Brand Ambassador for this one-of-a-kind WestJet endeavour. A video at the end of today's journal - an interview with Dani - explains how fans come to end up on this wonderful ride to Blue Jays games. First, though, a few more pictures.
As we made our way to the Flight Deck, we passed a giant Josh Donaldson Bobblehead. That's Rob and Dani in the photo, and yes, the giant man's head really moves!

Erin, Rob & Dani Farrugia

We arrived at the game just before the anthems were sung and there in the special winners' section were the five fans - three women, a man and a boy - who were picked up and delivered before we were. As it turns out, they are big CHFI listeners.
You'll hear a chat I had with them in today's audio journal - it's worth hitting it today, too, for a great story about perhaps WestJet's most surprised FanWagon winner: a guy who'd been in Toronto for all of three days when he and his buddies had the adventure of a lifetime!
After a few innings with our winners, Rob and I were escorted to the WestJet hospitality box up along the third baseline. Our view changed from this...

View from WestJet Flight Deck this. Just like being bumped up to Plus!

View from WestJet suite at Rogers Centre

Still, Rob couldn't resist taking a moment to peer out of the "window" in the WestJet box...and yes, those are real airline Plus section seats. What a hoot!

Erin Davis and husband Rob

We enjoyed the company of my partner Darren B. Lamb and some of the airline's Calgary employees, who'd won the experience thanks to a food drive. We were all so busy socializing, I didn't get a picture of Darren in his brand new Bautista t-shirt, but we had a great time together. Oh, and of course, the Jays helped make the night perfect with a 6-0 win. Talk about a terrific flight - from start to finish!
Now, please "sit back, relax..." (as the pilot always says) and meet Dani, who explains what this whole initiative is all about. Is it unique to Toronto and to baseball? What do winners receive? many tell her, "Get outta here," when she tells them they've won? The answers are here. Thanks for flying with me, and we'll be back with you here tomorrow.

Dani in the WestJet Fanwagon

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