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Fri, 04/13/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain, you can’t grow… but as a human, I can. [Sir Edmund Hillary]

Friday already! Monday, we’ll be on a plane heading home, but not before lots more Coco time (he’s home from school today) and a special national event being held here in Ottawa that I’m hosting for the Canadian Real Estate Association on Sunday. What a wonderful collaboration this has been over the past year, me and CREA, and I can only hope that the rest of this year, and maybe even years to come, bring more of these sorts of partnerships. 
Speaking of partnerships, I am grateful to you who wrote to me yesterday about Mike and me, and specifically asked about Debbie Cooper. Debbie, as you know, was diagnosed with colon cancer about six years ago. When you see her, you would never, ever know the battle she’s waging; she’s positive, beautiful, positively beautiful and just – as she and Mike would say – “rockin’.” And it’s the truth. She juices, she takes incredible care of herself and she and Mike are a force of nature in the face of this disease.
They’re in great hands and they want to thank you for your prayers and your kindness, always. And yes, Debbie is going to be on that river cruise Mike and I are hosting next April. As a matter of fact, I have a link here to the webinar – Mike and I chat, along with your hosts Neil Dudley and from New Wave Travel, our good friend Gerry Koolhof. Even if you’re not interested or can’t join us, please do give it a listen this weekend. You’ll enjoy the ride! Here’s the link.
So, that’s your update on Debbie. We so love being together. She and I had a wonderful reiki and numerology session in Lakefield (near their home) and then dinner at a lovely little French bistro in town called Cassis. We came home, got in our jammie-jams and just sat in front of a fire sipping tea and talking about our angels, our husbands and the strength you find when you need it – when you have no other choice.
As for our boys? They were off before sunrise Tuesday to Casino Rama to play for the day, have a great dinner and sleep over at the hotel. They returned home Wednesday morning hoarse from laughing and talking and it did them both a world of good. Rob needs that fun in his life (the numerologist even said so LOL) and he even came out ahead – as did Mike. Yes, you could say they both did, in more ways than one.
Today I get to spend some quality time here in Ottawa with Brooke, the young woman who has so selflessly devoted her life to our boys and is doing a wonderful job with Phil in teaching Colin his pleases, thank yous, letters, numbers and so much more. She has slid into a role that would be a challenge to anyone, and she’s doing just beautifully – even with every germ and sickness that Colin has brought home from school this year! Goodness, we’ll just hope to stay healthy before this Sunday’s CREA event! 
By the way, I know from your notes and FB posts that you may be expecting pictures of Coco and I am not able to promise any. All parents have their rules for social media and their children, and we are going to play by the ones that are laid out for us. Thank you for understanding!
In the meantime, take it easy this weekend and please do feel free to join us for the Tulip Time webinar you found linked above. We’ll be talking to you here next week and I’m so glad you’ve continued to let us keep you company along the way. 

Erin DavisFri, 04/13/2018