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Mon, 04/16/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… I don’t think you can feel a sense of entitlement and still be happy. Happiness always comes from feeling that you’ve been blessed. [Robert Brault]

Where did it go? Almost two weeks have flown by and here we are, getting set to turn in our rental car here in Ottawa and head home. It’s not a direct flight to Victoria (there isn’t one) but WestJet will have us connecting in Calgary this evening before we hopefully land just before midnight at YYJ. 
It will be hard saying goodbye after another full, wonderful day with our little Colin. We know we’re coming back in November for two events that I’m hosting, but that seems a long time away. The Coopers already have us booked into their place for another visit! It is several months, but they’re summer months. The best months. The fastest months. And one day we hope a little boy will make his way west for a few of them – or at least we can dream!
Brooke and I had the best day on Friday spent in a spa doing “girl” things. Things I would love to do with Lauren when she had the time, which was rare once she started working. How lucky I was that Brooke was able to carve out a few hours between her job and her other full-time occupation of caring for Colin and Phil.
And COLIN! Last time we saw him in person he was bright-eyed and busy with his painting and art work, but not talking much at all. This time, we were keeping up full conversations with him. Two years ago, from the hotel room downtown where the boys were holed up awaiting house repairs after a flood, we had Colin doing a raspberry to the Boston Bruins during their playoffs with the Leafs. Now he can practically trash talk them as well as we can!
Oh, goodness, this trip has been amazing. To be able to begin it with a party for Rob at which some of the guests were a surprise (like Mike and Debbie and our promo goddess Jackie Gilgannon) and wrap it up with yesterday’s big Canadian Real Estate Association summit at the Westin Ottawa has been fulfilling on so many levels. The best parts, of course, have been time with close friends and family.
It all comes down to finding the things that make your heart sing – the reasons to keep looking up instead of (despite my searches for dimes) just concentrating on the few feet of road ahead. I am reminded of something I read on a picture I saw of Elvis Presley at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas a while back and it had to do with the three things you need in order to be happy:
Someone to love,
Something to do,
Something to look forward to.
Check, check and check.
I’ll be back with you here tomorrow with a journal sure to take us all down memory lane.

Erin DavisMon, 04/16/2018