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Tue, 04/17/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. [Oscar Wilde]

Welcome in! If you’re reading this, we’re home, back in our cozy bed in North Saanich, just up the highway from Victoria and shouting distance from the International Airport. We arrived in late last night, did a bit of recording and then headed to bed. 
Today, we’ll be off to dog sitter Francine’s to collect Miss Molly. Undoubtedly, she’ll follow us around like a shadow today, tomorrow and perhaps Thursday, too, until she comes to the realization that we’re not leaving her. And we don’t plan to do so again for a good long time; our next trip (to Kelowna for a speaking engagement next month) will include Molly for sure! We like the car trips and so does she. Although we do wish that, like Washington State’s ferry, we could bring her out of the car and up to the passenger deck with us on BC Ferries!
We’re going to take a trip together now of a different kind: one back in time to a recording I found last week when I was looking for a picture of Rick Mercer. As you may have seen on Facebook, the only one I could find was me holding up his RMR Chapman’s blueberry ice cream (raising money for Spread the Net) but I was able to locate this “best of” tape of Rick, Mike and me talking one morning. He had just signed up for another three years (so it was 2015 when we talked) and I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. 
If you haven’t sampled my audio journal yet, this would be a great opportunity, since that’s where you can hear the interview with Rick. Just click on the icon at the top of this journal. Since we won’t have any new Rick Mercer Reports, it might just fill a gap for you on a Tuesday. 
Oh, and I will tell you that Rick was in touch last Tuesday thanking me for the mentions and you for your kindness. We may even be collaborating on one of his projects down the road! I can’t imagine how cool that would be. Take care.

Erin DavisTue, 04/17/2018