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Thu, 03/08/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… The saying that ‘no two things are ever the same’ couldn’t be more appropriate when the topic is eyebrows. I stopped a long time ago trying to make them match. [Tinashe, Musician]

Hey there – I hope your week is going well. I want to finish off my eyebrow blog from yesterday. I have the “after” pictures and stories for you from the microblading session that I booked almost four weeks ago. Tomorrow, I go back to Elham’s Cottage (a studio added on to her house in picturesque View Royal, near Victoria) for my touch-up session and I’m not quite sure what that entails, but I am looking forward to it just the same.
You may wonder why someone would get their brows microbladed. For those who’ve undergone chemotherapy or whose thyroids have made their brows either stop at the centre or disappear entirely, it’s a godsend. Eyebrows have become as much of a fashion statement as lips in the past few decades (or millennia if you’re, say, Egyptian) and after seeing a stunning picture of Jann Arden’s new brows, I couldn’t help wondering if they might give my face a little boost, too.

Jann Arden

So, why care about my brows? Well, it was curiosity, mostly. Also, they’ve always been somewhat irksome (I wouldn’t say problematic). I have what they call “expressive eyebrows” so one of them arches more than the other (and hopefully you can’t tell which now, unless I’m giving you the “oh really?” face).
I remember one high falutin’ makeup artist live on our radio show at CKLW way back in the 80’s asking me: a) how much time I spent on my makeup in the morning (a question that I knew had no right answer…and I was right) and b) why one of my brows looked like a “spermatazoa.” Yes, “sperm” was said on the radio and I was too shocked to be insulted! But 30+ years later, I thought I’d play around a bit and see what the whole process was like. 
I found someone who was highly recommended in my area and we did our preliminary appointment and the actual microblading on the same day. I knew what I wanted and was ready for it. 
So, after Elham measured carefully, drew in the eyebrows, plucked and then numbed the area so that she knew what she was working with, I just lay back and took in the gentle scraping. Truly, there was only one twinge and that just meant I needed a little more numbing gel – and I will tell you again that I am not afraid of (or bothered by) needles, blades, etc. – so if you go to someone and have a different experience, I am just letting you know that this is mine!
After about two hours, we were done and then I was given strict instructions not to touch or scratch the areas Elham had bladed. The scabs would soon start to appear and I was only to treat them gently with Polysporin and later a vitamin ointment to keep them moist and to aid in the healing process. I was fine with that.
The only thing you have to know going into this is that the first week you are going to look like a caricature. The skin that’s been cut needs to scab over and peel off on its own. So, needless to say, I was glad only to be visiting my aunt and uncle. They noticed, but didn’t say anything until I brought it up. Family is usually far less subtle!

Erin Davis

One week later, they had settled down and we got pretty much the brow we were hoping for.

Erin Davis

In the end, about $300 later, I’m going to wait and see how long they last. It’s predicted to be about six months if you use the proper sunscreen, etc. so we shall see. I’ve never regretted the eyeliner I had tattooed on many years ago (you wanna talk painful???) and which has mostly faded off. I just thought I’d bring you along for the ride, in case you or someone else you know is considering it. Ask me in six months whether it was worth the dough. 
I’m having a huge adventure stepping back into my comfort zone (emceeing) today; I’ll fill you in on all the details here tomorrow! And thanks for coming by.

Erin DavisThu, 03/08/2018