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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Just a thought… Parenthood: it’s about guiding the next generation and forgiving the last. [Peter Krause]

Where to begin? I know it’s just been since Monday that I’ve written but I keep collecting mental Post-It notes about stuff to share with you.

First of all, before I forget, I’m going to be joining my friend and former Breakfast Television host Kevin Frankish for his live show online at 7 pm tomorrow. Put it in your calendar now (who knows when Friday actually is, right?) because it promises to be interesting. Kevin has posted a survey that you can do here that takes about one minute. In it, he’s asking about the transition out of self-isolation and how you feel about life as it’s about to unfold.

Then join us tomorrow at 7pm either on Facebook or on Twitter @kevinfrankish and feel free to comment as the show goes on. I’ll try to watch my phone at the same time as I’m on camera (from my computer) with Kevin so I can see what you’re asking and what you have to say.

I couldn’t have done this next Monday after my long-awaited hair appointment, right? Ah, such is life: it’s not always perfect, but can be cut short at any minute. In the case of my hair, that’s a good thing!

The whole to-mask-or-not-to-mask thing is making me crazy. We went into Canadian Tire and probably about half of us (but none of the staff) were wearing them. At the grocery store, though, only about one in ten was.

That could be because the island has had no new cases in a month or so, or just that people figure that the worst is over. But I keep looking at southern states (especially Florida) where people have been saying “I’ve got my rights!” and gathering in close proximity with plenty of other folks, none of whom is masking up. And the COVID numbers are growing exponentially.

I know it’s human nature to look for life to go on; nothing lasts forever and we have to continue to go about our lives – especially those who are having difficulty feeding their families or making rent. But there’s a much bigger, much more troubling picture that’s becoming clearer by the day.

Yes, the marches and protests are important – vital, even – but so is protecting yourself when you do so. I can’t imagine the frustration of the healthcare workers who were thinking they could return home to their families and not worry about infecting them. They must be asking, “How do we get the message across?”

Then I see messages on other people’s FB pages, etc. where posters are saying that they’re not wearing masks because the government (including our own) is telling them to. For them, like toddlers being told not to stick their fingers in electrical sockets, it’s not for their own good – it’s a challenge. Okay then, take your chances. I’m not ready to, just yet.

A woman posted on my FB page last week that she read that masks are ineffective anyway. I asked her to cite her source and, unless I’ve missed it, she didn’t, after saying she would. This is why it’s vitally important that we all consider the sources for our information.

An awful lot of people out there have motives that you can’t even imagine. There will be some trying to make sure the pandemic continues so that the American election can’t be held this fall; they’re the same ones who are so vocally opposed to mail-in ballots. As I say, a lot of big picture concerns are at play here. Please be safe.

And finally, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Rob got himself a new floor cleaner (we were fascinated by an infomercial that just kept going and going during one of our Forensic Files episodes). So that’s exciting, I guess.

Our floors here are a manufactured hardwood that are in deep grey/almost black and show every single dog hair, dust bunny and crumb. Trying to stay ahead of them all has been a daily challenge, but we’re not doing much else these days. If we ever do have company, I hope they’ll consider our offer to eat off the floors.

My own father seems to be failing since his fall. He’s still sporting some dark bruises around his eyes and, worse, his short term memory has taken a hit as well. Dad’s getting us a little worried and one of the sisterhood is talking with his doctor today about possibly recommending he stop driving. It’s a huge, possibly hurtful step to take with a parent who loves his freedom and his car, but for the good of his beloved passenger and everyone else on the road – as well as Dad himself – we think it’s time. We’d never forgive ourselves if the worst happened and we hadn’t tried.

Yes, parenting is hard, but as so many have attested during these times of separation from elderly parents, so is being a responsible offspring. For those who still have a dad with us instead of watching over us, I hope that you’re able to connect in some way this weekend.

It’s sort of a non-day in our house, but as our bonds strengthen with Brooke (whose own dad has passed) and Phil (who’s close with his own), we can remember that a father’s job never really ends: it morphs and moves to fit into the lives of those who will always welcome extra love, compassion, support and encouragement.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow evening online (hope you can make it) and be back with you here on Monday.

Rob WhiteheadThursday, June 18, 2020