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Friday, April 3, 2020

Just a thought… Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic. [Angel Chernoff]

This should feel like a bit of a freedom day for Rob and for me: two weeks ago we began our Canadian self-isolation and our 14 days are up. I’d been self-isolating for two weeks prior to that in California, as I had a bit of a cough and didn’t want to scare other people.

Something I learned from Stephen Colbert the other night: the etymology of the word “quarantine.” From Wikipedia:

The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning “forty days,” used in the 14th-15th-century Venetian language and designating the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic.

By the way, the late night shows are back. I’m loving that we can see the humorous moments, even in some of the most horrific events in our history, through the eyes of the hosts and their teams of writers. It’s the only way I can digest what is happening, and saves me from having to watch any of Trump’s podium rallies.

“#1 on Facebook,” he bragged like a nine-year-old the other day. Not only is that a lie (as if it matters, because President Obama has far more FB followers), but just think of how ridiculous he sounded saying it.

“New tone” or not, it’s still mindboggling that this malignant narcissist is at the helm and spewing his garbage. As I say, thankfully, someone else is watching it for us. Torontonian and former Star reporter Daniel Dale, now a Trump fact-checker, should get danger pay. And free therapy.

Come to think of it, that’s what we could all use these days. When we look back at the end of January, we’re almost certain that Rob had a case of the coronavirus. Of course, we don’t know for sure, but he was sicker than he could ever remember being: exhausted, coughing and, although he didn’t have a thermometer, a suspected fever.

At that time, I was in Ottawa and not around to help or catch it from him, but I can’t remember him being that sick. Given that he’d been in a local casino just prior to that, with its cesspool of germ-laden buttons and surfaces, and people who’d come from who-knows-where, it’s entirely possible that’s where he picked up a bug.

If that’s the case, then the incubation period was fast – less than three days. In retrospect, it seems possible, as it appears this virus is affecting people with varying intensities. If it was COVID-19, we’re very fortunate, we know. And we’re still exercising extreme caution. 

We want to give blood. We want to go grocery shopping. Those two things, I think we can do with the proper precautions. We have a package to pick up at the post office after a Canada Post worker inexplicably left a notice at our front door earlier this week – without ringing the doorbell – when we were both inside the house (which he or she might have expected).

Perhaps that’s the new protocol for the people on the front lines and, if so, we respect it – completely. But we weren’t looking forward to going anywhere except to pick up a few supplies: a turkey dinner seems to be in our immediate future.

I received a video that I thought was well worth sharing. In it, a store employee outlines what she needs from US and everything in this is a solid reminder of how to protect and conduct ourselves during the rare outings we make. Here’s a link.

Please take a few minutes to watch and share this informative and entertaining video, and thanks for coming by. Tomorrow – yes, another Saturday journal on the way – I’m going to treat you to a few pictures of our six-month old baby banana granddaughter Jane that I think will take your mind off all of our worries, if only for a moment or two.

Stay safe, stay sane. We can do this.

Rob WhiteheadFriday, April 3, 2020