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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Just a thought… Did it ever occur to you that you have fingertips, but not toe tips? And yet…you tiptoe, but you can’t tipfinger. Hmmm…. [Author Unknown]

Hello from another destination that is not my studio – and I hope if you haven’t watched these video journals yet, you’ll take the time to click and watch today – it’s actually from a Vancouver hotel room. You can watch it on my Facebook page, or here on YouTube.

My friend Susan Knight (former boss when we were both at Ocean 98.5 in Victoria) and I came over for a get-together with our new voice talent agency – new to us, that is – TaDa Voiceworks. OF COURSE we had adventures: getting successfully to our hotel after a ferry/bus/train ride, only to get stood up by an Uber driver, then calling Lyft and going to the wrong of two Tap & Barrel restaurants! Luckily we spotted the error (ours) and had our driver take us to the correct one.

Anyway, the video is shot yesterday morning prior to a nice spa facial, lunch with a dear friend and then a ferry ride home.

But in between all of those gentle adventures came the realization that an old saw I’d heard is NOT true: the great thing about shoes is that “my waist line may change, but my shoe size remains the same.” Well, not exactly.

You see, for the last two years of Covid, my foot attire has consisted mainly of slippers (yes with good insoles) and Skechers. But for this trip I pulled out a pair of new-ish patent loafers that I’d worn just once before.

BIG – size 10 – mistake. It wasn’t long into our first leg of the trip that Susan noticed what I was trying to hide: I was limping. Yes, those shoes that had seemed so comfy when first I put them on Tuesday morning, were hurting me – big time. (And they weren’t even the first pair I’d tried on that hurt that day.)

I hobbled through most of the day in those too-tight shoes, hoping to find a shoe store at some point after the meet and greet, but not having any luck. Yesterday morning, one of our first stops was at a Winners, where I picked up a pair of sneakers so white that if the ferry sank, they’d find my feet just from the eerie glow they emitted. No bother; they were priced right and they were comfy.

See, the problem is that my feet are used to being “free range.” I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to wear grown-up shoes again, but I get the feeling that the next time I fill a few bags for Diabetes Canada’s May “Declutter Canada” event, there will be plenty of much-loved but seldom-worn shoes.

I’m not complaining; my younger sister Leslie is just coming through the other side of a bout with Covid that has run through her house and I wouldn’t trade shoes with her, no matter how comfortable, no matter what.

Have a gentle weekend. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to this week’s Drift with Erin Davis sleep story: The Fairy Frog from the Book of Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends. You can listen here or wherever you download podcasts and, of course, it’s free, thanks to Kathy and Kim at…also a super comfortable fit.

Rob WhiteheadThursday, April 21, 2022