February 2019

Thu, 02/21/2019

Erin’s Journal Thu, 02/21/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… Laugh. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Keep doing it even if people are passing you on the street saying, “I can’t tell if that person is laughing or crying, but either way, they seem crazy, let’s walk faster.” [Ellen DeGeneres] *A ticket update:

Erin DavisThu, 02/21/2019
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Wed, 02/20/2019

Erin’s Journal Wed, 02/20/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… The secret of the creative life is to feel at ease with your own embarrassment. [Paul Schrader] Welcome to Wednesday – and here we are on the eve of our trip tomorrow to Ontario. I still can’t really believe that this is all happening, but the

Erin DavisWed, 02/20/2019
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Tue, 02/19/2019

Erin’s Journal Tue, 02/19/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it. [Anonymous] Welcome back. I hope that the past few days have treated you gently and that there was plenty of family in your Family Day –

Erin DavisTue, 02/19/2019
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Fri, 02/15/2019

Erin’s Journal Fri, 02/15/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. [Jim Morrison] Ah, the long weekend has arrived after what, for many, felt like one of the longest weeks of the year! Thousands upon thousands of flight cancellations across Canada and the US, havoc

Erin DavisFri, 02/15/2019
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Thu, 02/14/2019

Erin’s Journal Thu, 02/14/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever. [author unknown] Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day that engenders as much antipathy and cynicism as it does excitement and genuine affection. I was always of the mindset that any day that inspires

Erin DavisThu, 02/14/2019
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