October 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

Just a thought… Gratitude changes the pangs of memory into a tranquil joy. [German theologian and Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer]  Hello and Happy Monday! I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend is going well or, if you’re reading this on a later date, that you’ve been blessed with leftovers. We still have streamers and balloons up,

Rob WhiteheadMonday, October 12, 2020
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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Just a thought… Gratitude is the memory of the heart. [Jean Baptiste Massieue] I know I’m ahead of the curve here, but I’m having a very Thankful Thursday. Yes, the holiday of Thanksgiving is marked next Monday and we’ll all be trying to find reasons to count our blessings. (I found a fascinating piece on

Rob WhiteheadThursday, October 8, 2020
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Monday, October 5, 2020

Just a thought… Many Americans are likely feeling both sympathy and anger today; emotions that don’t necessarily mix well. [Jake Tapper, CNN State of the Union 4/10/20] I’m keeping in mind that as you read this I may be asleep in my bed three hours’ time difference away; the news out of Walter Reed Medical

Rob WhiteheadMonday, October 5, 2020
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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Just a thought… Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience. [Roy Bennett] Welcome to a brand new month. Ah, sweet October: a time of thanksgiving, of pumpkins and spice and whatever else nice you can find to lighten your heart. For us it’s a list of family celebrations: the

Rob WhiteheadThursday, October 1, 2020
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