Erin's Journals

Just a thought… A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. [Oliver Wendell Holmes]

Welcome to a new week and one that will undoubtedly include some sombre reflection. This Canada Day takes on a much different tone, as it must; as it should.

Today, in the place of a written journal, I wanted to share with you a brief video that not only captures some of the natural beauty of this land of ours, but also shows what the last leg of a long voyage should look like: serene, restful and simply gorgeous.

I shot it as we returned from the mainland to Vancouver Island last week. How blessed we are to live in this country, on this island, and on a mountain perfectly named by its original Indigenous inhabitants as “place of refuge.” 

It has been exactly that for Rob and me, and we are grateful. Click here to enjoy this brief moment on the water.

And if you’d like a LONGER stay on the water, join me tonight at 8 o’clock EDT or 5 PDT for a Facebook live event at! Mike Cooper is hoping to join in, plus we’ll be updating everyone on our river cruise plans for next spring on the Rhine – from amazing Amsterdam to glorious Switzerland.

Join Gerry from New Wave Travel and Neil from AMA Waterways as we take you on a half-hour vacation of information, hope and scenery – and all the info you need to decide to make plans to join us on the Rhine next spring! Talk to you this evening.

Rob Whitehead