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Fri, 02/01/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. [Louisa May Alcott]

Well, here we are in February. For many frozen folks who read this journal, there lies on the horizon a high temperature above freezing. After wind chills and truly trying conditions over the past week, you deserve it.
Here in Palm Springs (where I have been loathe to even mention the weather, even the rainiest which, I always remember, I don’t have to shovel) we’re heading into another wet, coolish spell. Unusual, we’re told, but these days what isn’t? Unfortunately, with company here, we don’t get to show off the sights and beauty of the area with as much golden lighting as usual, but given that Ross and Yolande, our friends from Georgina, were delayed by a day in getting here by problems with a snow-covered jet at YYZ, it’s all perspective, isn’t it?
Speaking of perspective, it’s been quite a week of highs here in our home. Not temperatures, emotions: to see on that Mourning Has Broken now has “Bestseller” tagged next to it, as it’s #1 in books on Grief & Death. (Yeah – not a category anyone wants to lead in, I suppose, especially when it’s also an autobiography of sorts, right?) But it sat, as of yesterday, at #8 in Books for Women and #17 in Memoirs.
Now, I know I’ll never hit #1 in those latter two categories (as if surpassing the incredible and accomplished Michelle Obama in any category could ever be a possibility!) but we were just simply stunned and humbled by the presale of our labour of love. As Rob pointed out, “It isn’t even in stores yet!” and I responded, “Maybe I didn’t really have to write it!” Yes, we’ve been a bit giddy over it. Which is also a very strange way to feel about a book like this. I didn’t say any of this made sense….
But all of this brings me to an email I got yesterday that truly is the underlying message in this book and the way that Rob and I have chosen to move forward. J writes:

You probably don’t remember my email to you after Lauren passed away. I related my family’s story to you. My son had lost his wife after giving birth to their third child and first daughter in 2015. He was left with 3 children under 5. No one can imagine the heartbreak my son and our families experienced except those who have gone through it themselves. My son has happily moved forward (he thought he never would) and has a wonderful woman in his life now…she has 2 children of her own so life is very busy for them..and us as grandparents! But it is so wonderful to see him smile and enjoy life again. We will never forget his beautiful wife and mother to his children of course but this is an example that things keep going and we have to make the best of it because the alternative is much worse. Sincerely…J.

I responded to her that we have totally embraced that concept and are nothing but happy with the fact that, in our own lives, we have a daughter-in-law (or that’s how we refer to Brooke) who has brought so much joy and love to two broken boys, as well as to Rob and me. 
The start of a new month is a great time to look ahead and see how things can be different if we adjust our perspectives. Or our sails, as the saying above reminds us. 
Thank you for sharing these days, these moments, these highs, lows, signs from above and signs to take our shoes off this week. Let’s do this again Monday, shall we?

Erin DavisFri, 02/01/2019