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Fri, 03/08/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… A good laugh makes any interview or any conversation so much better. [Barbara Walters]

I need to start today’s journal with an apology. If you’ve been among those who have written to share your personal story of loss, please know that I have highlighted your email and am taking the time to answer each one individually.
Because we’ve had a bit of a struggle getting back on our home footing – time zones, jet lag, appointments in particular and too many plates spinning simultaneously in general – I’m not answering my emails with the same speed that I usually strive for. But know that I am trying and will take time each day to do so. And thank you for understanding.
In addition to begging your patience, I need to take a moment to share with you some praise. First of all, if you were at any of the events in and around the GTA last week, I’m grateful to you for braving weather and other obstacles that could have kept you away.
I’ve heard from many who said they truly wanted to share some real face time and I get that; Mother Nature wasn’t nearly as cooperative as we wanted her to be. But my hope is that I’ll be coming back to Ontario in the next few months and I promise that I’ll keep you abreast of any such plans, so that if we missed meeting, we’ll have another chance when snow is just a memory and the only road worries are the usual traffic slowdowns!
I am also indebted to the interviewers who took the time to read my book and ask informed and caring questions. So far, nearly 6000 people have watched the chat that Maureen Holloway and I shared through last week and if you choose to spend some time with us there, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Erin Davis & Maureen Holloway

One of the funniest moments of that evening came when Mike Cooper, who was just popping into the theatre to check out the audience size, ended up being our “warm up” act. It was a delight – thanks Mike! And thank you to Rogers in general and Julie Adam in particular for having had my back for so very many years.
I’m beyond grateful for the support that 98.1 CHFI and 680 News gave to Mourning Has Broken and have no doubt they played a role in this book becoming a bestseller. (Friend and co-worker Steve Roberts was in two Indigos that had sold out of it; please don’t give up – there are more on their way. Amazon will be shipping my book in about a month and the good folks who print the books are working on getting them out as I type this, plus the audio book is also coming any day now.)
The myriad TV and radio hosts who delved into what cannot have been an easy topic for them to research and discuss are to be thanked as well. I tried to inject each interview with the appropriate amount of levity, just to let people know that the book wasn’t going to be one big tearfest and I think that my efforts were met with appreciation for the most part.
If you’re wondering when my chat with Tracy Moore of Cityline airs, that’s going to be later this month – perhaps next week – and the discussion I had with Marilyn Denis comes late in April. Again, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Meantime, how much fun was CTV’s The Social? I’d love to go back and visit more often. Here’s hoping an invitation’s in the works!
Sweet Dina Pugliese cried as we talked on the BT couch, bringing many viewers to tears over their morning coffee. Marilyn and I connected in a way I’ve so longed to do (having been friendly competitors for decades, my attempts to have her on my little Rogers TV show were thwarted from on high, unfortunately, or we’d have crossed paths in front of a camera long ago). 
The interviews all went beautifully and I am grateful. I’m especially touched by the fact that, despite the obvious ROGERS tattoo that I’ve proudly (and metaphorically) sported for almost my entire career, my cousins at Bell Media – Lauren’s employer at the time of her passing – were more than generous with their support and air time.
I came away from last week’s media blitz with an affection for Ben Mulroney that I hadn’t had before; his tears as we chatted for etalk were genuine and copious (I don’t know if they’ll make it to air when the piece is broadcast) and he is a sweet, sensitive and genuine interviewer. I’m glad to have had that opportunity to get to know him, as well as to reconnect with Susan Hay at Global. I just wish my time had overlapped with that of Jennifer Valentine’s debut on the new Global morning show. How wonderful that she’s getting a chance to shine on camera again in the early mornings! As always, there’s bounty enough for all, right? 
So, I thank you today. For letting me share a little behind-the-camera and microphone gratitude with you and for your patience if you’re awaiting a response. I’m beyond touched that this book has resonated so deeply with people who are navigating the dark waters of loss and I respect the courage it took, in some cases, to write to me.
Be well, enjoy this weekend and I’ll be back with you Monday with a laugh. Me acting up in a bookstore, of course….

Erin DavisFri, 03/08/2019