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Fri, 09/07/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Things employed people say: “It’s Friday!” Things self-employed people say: “It’s Friday?” [Anonymous]

How can a short week feel so full, so busy? I guess as everyone settles into the “new normal” that the first week after Labour Day brings, I’ll tie up a few loose ends here today, too. How’s that sound?
Your responses to Clara’s mom’s chalk messages to her daughter were just so moving. Many were brought to tears, and that’s not a bad thing! Most of the feedback came on my Facebook page, but in case you’re not there, we even heard from the “author” of that sidewalk philosophy herself. Kay-Cee Murphy wrote:  

Hey all, “Clara’s mom” here. I’m absolutely blown away by all of the lovely coments and how my simple gesture (which brought me so much joy) had touched each and every one of you. My mom, Karen Horn was able to be home with us for our big days and I’m grateful for the role model I have in her, the sacrifices she made and the support of a totally rad family. Many blessings to you all! Thanks Erin for the words that conveyed my heart on a special day for Clara (and me)!

Thank you, Kay-Cee, for allowing us to share it, and to your mom Karen for telling me about it to begin with. And one note I forgot to add to that journal, and that someone else kindly brought up: think of how many other children may have stopped, read and been inspired by your words. Just wonderful! Your gesture touched so very many people. I’ll bet you’re just a wonderful teacher, too.
Yesterday’s “30th and 13th anniversary” journal brought up lots of fond memories from CHFI listeners who remember the early days with Don (even as children) and continue to listen all these years later. It’s so nice to read that you’re enjoying Maureen. Change can be a good thing and I hope that they kick some serious butt in the all-important Fall Ratings book. 
Oh, and that picture of me laughing onstage with a hula hoop? Of course it was a CHFI Oldies Dance and I was channelling Dusty Springfield. Some thought it was Dolly Parton but I’d have adjusted two parts of the costume slightly, had that been the case! Here I am with Rob, who was doing a fairly good Barry Gibb that year, 2002, in case you were at that dance.

Erin & Rob

And here’s one of my faves from six years and a whole new life later. Good times!

CHFI Oldies Dance 2008

Have yourself a great weekend. I hope you get a chance to breathe and get set for the week ahead. And thanks for sharing so many kind words and memories this week!

Erin DavisFri, 09/07/2018