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Mon, 06/03/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are. [Author Unknown]

And here we are, back in Ontario! I guess I mean “we” in the royal sense, I suppose, as this time I’m traveling without Robbie. Wish me luck. As I mentioned last Friday, we may have a journal blip or two, but I’m sure it’ll go well (gulp)!
Today through Thursday I’m in the hands, cars and arms of good, supportive friends. Last night I was met at Pearson by my dear friend and former fellow broadcaster Lisa Brandt. You may follow Lisa’s blog at or @lisambrandt and I’m glad you do; she’s pithy, funny, wise and wonderful and we’ve been friends since way back when she was doing news on CHFI during a few of the Daynard years.
She moved on up to co-anchoring the morning run on the highly successful 680 News with Paul Cook until about 11 years ago when she gave it all up to follow her heart, marry a man she’d known for decades and give smaller town life a try. 
It hasn’t always been easy for Lisa. She worked in stations with almost zero staff support, having to trot out to evening events when her alarm was set for but a few hours later. She was caught in political crunches when idiotic hosts would get their stations boycotted (it was a talk station) and she was left swinging in the wind, bereft of people who’d come on to talk with her, an innocent victim of an unthinking, self-righteous ranter.
She was made to emcee (unpaid) a music festival where she was explicitly told not to say her station’s or her own name. She suffered fools – plenty of them – and persevered…until she called it quits and moved to the bucolic town of Wallaceburg early this year.There, she thrives in freelance voice work and is setting her own hours and facing a whole different, but manageable, set of challenges.
She’s living proof that if you leap, the bridge will appear. She’s had to do plenty of work building that bridge – think of it more as a “bridge kit from IKEA” – but she and her husband are making it work. Is Wallaceburg their “forever home?” No. But they have to give every option a chance to prove itself as worth overlooking or looking over. That’s the freedom that bravery can give you. 

Lisa Brandt & Erin Davis

The photo above was taken just over two years ago when Lisa flew to Victoria to visit me and we took off for a weekend adventure in Seattle. “Biscuit Bitches” indeed! This week in Ontario, Lisa and I are Thelma and Louise (um, without the crimes or flying car sequence at the end). Today, it’s desperately-needed manicures and pedicures then off to Mississauga, where my nails and my book will be on display as Indigo at Square One hosts me for a book signing and conversation this evening.
I hope you can join us! Michelle Butterly, midday goddess of 98.1 CHFI and my dear friend, is going to interview me. Like Lisa, Michelle knew Lauren well. In fact, Michelle helped to share the news of Loo’s passing with CHFI’s audience just four years ago (which you can hear in the audio book version of Mourning Has Broken). Michelle’s perspective as an interviewer is unique among those I’ve experienced so far. I can’t wait to see her!
Then tomorrow at Markham Theatre, I’m told there are still some tickets left for the two events: there’s one at 2 pm featuring Mike Cooper as my interviewer, and then an evening one at 7 pm with CTV’s Beverly Thomson. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to both!
Wednesday it’s Indigo Kitchener and on to Thornton Thursday and then…family time with Colin and his folks until Monday. Aaaaah.
It’s going to be wonderful and I am so grateful that you’re here with me this week. Hugs and thanks – and have a GREAT week. GO RAPTORS! 

Erin DavisMon, 06/03/2019