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Monday, May 13, 2024

Just a thought… What’s meant to be will always find a way. [Trisha Yearwood]

Well, my friend, that was a weekend! Starting with my very first sighting of the northern lights (albeit muted) and ending with exhaustion last night after cleaning our downstairs apartment, stem to stern, as we prepare for video and photos by the realtor later this week. In between all of the awe and ouches, though, were some moments of pure magic. And those are what I choose to share with you today.

With the weeks slipping by as our grandkids and their parents prepare to leave the province in early June, Rob and I have made an even more concerted effort to make memories with Colin and Jane. Above and beyond the movie and game nights and outdoor sports play that accompany all of their weekly sleep-overs, we have embraced spoiling them with dinners out and special activities that they’ll (hopefully) remember.

On Saturday the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. We had requested that the kids wake up here that morning to make sure we were too busy to be sad on the ninth anniversary of our daughter’s passing. My little plan worked: first, it was a visit to Lauren’s bench, where Colin left a rose he had chosen.

But then we shared some much more light-hearted activities: a playground visit and picnic, followed by volleyball, plus time spent making sand sculptures and tossing around a ball on the beach as herons waded and the sun shone on our perfect day.

After the younger of my two favourite boys had finished collecting shells, Rob and Colin tossed a ball around.

That same ball was later put to use for some sandy volleyball, and yes I did join in later, but that sand was hot!

Later, after Rob accidentally slipped on the ball he was trying to kick at Colin in a makeshift soccer game, they both went down – Colin in sympathy with his Grandude.

Over the years, you’ve read about our grandson plenty, both here and in my 2019 bestselling book Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy (which I was thrilled to learn this week is still being read in book clubs). But our granddaughter Jane is growing into such a lovely girl: as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, who gives the best hugs, holds my hand tightly and becomes sweeter every hour we spend with her. Even after this…

…turns into this.

We count ourselves so fortunate to have had these four years as both children have grown into the young people they are, and we can only hope that even though the distance between us will increase unbearably, our closeness will also continue to develop, in different ways. Love always finds a way, and we’ll do all we can to make sure ours makes its way to them, no matter where they are.

After all, there are beaches in Ottawa, too, I know, and plenty more memories to be made down the road, no matter how long that road becomes.

Have a gentle week as we ease towards a long weekend ahead. I’ll take next Monday off from journaling and give your eyes a break, always posting on Facebook at and Instagram and Threads @erindawndavis.

Meantime, don’t miss this Thursday’s Episode 73 of Gracefully & Frankly (free as always), when Lisa and I discuss something that traumatized us both last week. Seriously. I almost posted to get your opinion on it here, but I think we’ll wait until you’ve heard both sides of our story. It’s a doozy. Talk soon!

Rob WhiteheadMonday, May 13, 2024