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Monday, October 30, 2023

Just a thought… If the death of an actor who you never met feels personal and sad, there’s nothing weird or silly about that. It’s a testament to their work. It means they succeeded at their jobs and connected with their audience. And that’s actually a lovely thing. [@theeverywhereist on Threads]

Today, I have for you a special journal, because it’s something longer; something I hope – we hope – you’ll listen to.

I have a fresh one that was ready to go but I’ll post it here for you tomorrow instead. But today, it’s two radio gals going back to their roots.

If Lisa Brandt and I were on the air today at our respective stations, we’d be talking about the immense loss we suffered on the weekend with the sudden passing of Matthew Perry at age 54.

No matter what you’ve read or seen, you haven’t heard our take and my anger (which I’ll explain) and, of course, the huge sadness that overtook us both all day yesterday and into today.

I’ll just ask you to click here and listen to our conversation (free, of course). You’re welcome to comment on our Gracefully & Frankly Facebook page, or drop me a line wherever we’re connected.

Thanks for understanding. We had a lot to get off our chests (did I mention the anger – and my immense grief for his family?) and our hearts. I hope you’ll share it with us today, and immerse yourself, not in sadness, but in perspectives that perhaps you hadn’t considered.

I’ll be back here tomorrow. E.

Rob WhiteheadMonday, October 30, 2023