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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Just a thought… Sometimes laughter or crying are the only options, and laughter feels better right now. [Veronica Roth, Divergent]

I hope you’re doing well on this Sunday. Even though we’re freelancers and many of our days are the same as the previous and next, our weekends are quieter and at a slower pace here; I don’t have as many auditions to dash into the studio for, no phone meetings or recordings to do. It’s quiet.

A bit of cleaning, some chicken cacciatore bubbling in the slow cooker, rain outside our windows, frothy cups of cappuccino, a video call with Colin and his family, a deer nibbling determinedly at whatever she can find growing in our backyard. Nothing here to complain about at all.

I thought that since I’m in a mellow mood today, I’d just take a little break from putting words in order, and share with you a video that was sent to me.

If you’re like me, you’ll notice that the videos come in in droves: inspiring, profane, funny and profound. These times are giving people the space to be creative and, more often than not, that’s a very good thing!

This video of a song about our Great White North is sweet and, oh, so Canadian. I thought you might enjoy it – Rob and I sure did, as have nearly a million people (as of this writing).

Take good care and I’ll be back here tomorrow. Oh, and see if you notice the hunky Aussie whose picture is shown where a Canadian playing a superhero should be!

Remember when you wished the weekend would never end…?

Thanks to for this little write-up about the song you’re about to enjoy.

Up Here, in Canada” video features a clever Canadian song by BC musician, Clark W. The YouTube video released a few days ago already has over 21,000 views. It is no surprise as the song and a video provides humorous insight into who we are as Canadians. In fact, it could go down as one of the most defining Canadian-themed songs outside of our National Anthem and Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

According to the musician and The Okanagan Mixing Studio that created the video, it is “dedicated to all the good people in Canada and all the things that make us uniquely Canadian” covering pretty much everything that makes Canada the greatest country in the world.

Rob WhiteheadSunday, May 3, 2020