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Thu, 04/05/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… The more you celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate. [Oprah Winfrey]

Well, we’re back in Ontario I’d almost forgotten how cold April can get. Almost. We may have left our shovels here when we moved in late 2016, but at least I still have a good warm coat! The winds when we landed at Pearson were gusting up around 90 kilometres an hour. I could barely park my broom! 
Last night a bunch of us gathered at Peter’s Fine Dining in Markham. Recommended by locals (including man about town, our fabulous own Allan Bell) and reviews alike, the main reason we chose it was because we could request a private room downstairs – with its own bar – where our celebrations wouldn’t raise any eyebrows or disturb fellow diners! I know how much we laugh when we get together, especially with Mike and Debbie Cooper, who were a surprise element of our gathering, made so effortlessly wonderful by our host, co-owner Tom Columvakos and his carefully attentive staff.
A few others, like best pal Allan Bell and his mum Betty, our sweet CHFI promo host Jackie Gilgannon (with whom Rob and I feel a special closeness), midday goddess Michelle Butterly, former production buddy Chris Shapcotte and our dearest friends Ian and Anita MacArthur were also there. I didn’t invite everyone I’d worked with at CHFI – after all it was Rob’s birthday party – but another co-worker was there in spirit: the amazing Angela Morra, who has made special cakes for the big events in our little family’s life, from Lauren’s shower to Colin’s first birthday cake, came through in fine, fine form with this glorious Hofner bass cake (just like McCartney and Rob both play) plus the edible sheet music and lyrics to “When I’m 64” marking Rob’s Beatles Birthday!

Hofner cake

Yes, that’s what we called his 64th. I know next year he’ll feel pretty cruddy about becoming a “senior” (while I plan on going into full-on denial about being married to one, LOL), but we recall that as ambivalent as he felt about turning 60, it was also that month that we learned Lauren was expecting, and that was our last full year with his girl. So we learn never, ever to begrudge a birthday.
I just felt that being in Toronto and near friends, it would be wonderful to have a reason to celebrate. We find we have to do that, otherwise things fall by the wayside and wither from neglect. A chance for joy is lost….

Mike Cooper & Rob Whitehead

I had a meltdown on Easter Sunday when I was going to deliver a bag and basket of treats for my aunt, uncle, cousin and kids and realized when we were scurrying to leave them quickly and quietly at the door of my (then) ailing aunt’s house, I’d forgotten half of the goodies at home.
First I was angry, then I just started to full on bawl. “Nothing matters,” I sniffed. “I don’t know why I even try. Nothing even matters.” Rob said he wished he could console me, but this is how he feels so much of the time.
So I’ve decided now that my job – our job – is to make things matter. To turn ordinary days into special ones; to recognize the importance of friends and family who are there for you day in, day out – and even long distance. Because, damn it, life is TOO short. So we had cake on Tuesday and cake twice yesterday (once with our dearest friend Helen in the afternoon, our first stop after that bumpy landing). You watch – it’s been Rob’s birthday but guess who’ll gain the cake weight???
On that note, in the next eleven days or so we’ll mix a lot of business with pleasure, just as we did yesterday. I’ll share more with you here tomorrow and if there are any audio or journal glitches today, forgive me – my producer and partner was partying a bit last night (at my insistence). I mean…it was his birthday after all and you saw the picture of him and Cooper. And then I make him come back to the hotel room and record, edit and post this? Fingers crossed! 
Take good care and we’ll wrap up this week here tomorrow with a story of a very special man you may have just met yourself.

Erin DavisThu, 04/05/2018