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Thu, 04/18/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… There are good ships, and there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are friendships, And may they always be. (Anonymous Toast)

Isn’t that quote just perfect? Before we let the good times roll again today, I’ll be linking at the end to this week’s Walmart piece on getting the place spruced up before company arrives this holiday weekend. Give it a look and good luck!
Whatever you’re marking: Easter, Passover or even just an extra day or two to sleep in, I hope you have a great weekend. Come by Easter Monday for a few Notre Dame memories, but for today, more stories and pictures!
Wednesday of last week saw us venture into Belgium. While Rob and I opted to relax on the boat, others took bus trips into Ghent and Bruges. It’s a good thing we stayed behind: Rob spent hours downloading music on WiFi for a rather impromptu “Coop’s Classics” dance that night! Thanks to Mali Bickley for the photos of the evening which started with me goofing around on the piano…

Erin Davis

…and then The Captain joined Tennille….

Erin Davis and Mike Cooper

As the dance began, Mike took the reins…

Mike Cooper

And all three of us – Rob, Mike and I – worked together to pick just the right song!

Mike Cooper, Erin Davis & Rob Whitehead

When all was said and done, Holy Hannah, we had fun. The shiny tile floor was jammed for two solid hours (we were supposed to play for one) while Mike and I traded off hosting duties and Rob had two laptops practically on fire mixing and alternating great songs. It turns out the next day lots of guests from outside our group – all of them Americans – were raving about the party the night before; just think if we do this next year and we get to take over the whole boat…OMG. AmaWaterways won’t know what hit them!
If you’re interested, just click here to email Gerry Koolhof, our host from New Wave Travel in Toronto, and let him know. He’s putting this together as soon as he returns from his trip to Paris. I can only imagine the stories he’ll tell of his experience in the shadows of Notre Dame on Monday. I’ll have a few memories of my own here this coming Easter Monday.
Here are some (hopefully MOST) of our group at the week’s second private dinner.

AMA cruise


AMA cruise


AMA cruise


AMA cruise

Heck, no wonder Rob and I slept ’til 11am the next day. It helps that we were up against another boat, moored in port, so it was dark in the cabins AND no one’s doors ever slam on this boat (a big plus when you’re trying to sleep, whether on a ship or in a hotel, as you well know). Perfect for catching up on that 9-hour time difference Rob and I experienced as west coasters.
I feel that after a week of pictures of Amsterdam and Belgium I haven’t even begun to show you the beauty of our trip. So I promise many, many more pictures next week and thanks for sharing in them. See you here Monday for that side trip to Paris.…
Now here’s a link to that piece I wrote this week for our friends at Walmart. So the Easter Bunny doesn’t find his cousin Dusty when he visits this weekend! LOL

Erin DavisThu, 04/18/2019