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Thu, 09/12/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. [Dave Weinbaum]

I’ve so much to fill you in on: now that you know where I’ve been, I feel like I should catch you up on where I’m going.
Before you worry that I’m getting too busy (and there are a lot of caring people I know might express these concerns, not considering the support network I have had and continue to build), know that I’m doing the work on myself as well as on all of these other projects.
I realize that workaholism was always a thing in my life – since I was 17 – and breaking that pattern is as much a project for me as taking care of the other “ism” in my life. But I also have a deep love for every project that I’m taking on, so I don’t consider it to be a hindrance or a risk to my wellness. That makes sense to me and I hope that it does to you, too. And, as always, I have Rob at my side. 
Soon you’ll be seeing public appearances mentioned here on my website in the ‘What’s UP’ section. (The site is still getting that facelift I mentioned back in July; we’re tweaking to make it as good as possible.)
There’s a literary event in Vancouver in late September, I’ll be in London, Ontario for a book signing October 3 and we’re working to put one together in Ottawa the following week. Then, another trip in late October brings me back to the GTA for what promises to be a GREAT oldies dance Mike Cooper and I are hosting at Le Parc (Hwy 7 and 404 area) Friday, November 1 in support of Markham Stouffville Hospital, plus a few other events I’ll tell you about soon.
Of course, the Basel-to-Amsterdam river cruise is just a little over a year away now and the terrific news is that we now have a few extra weeks in which to sell out the boat so it’s just our group on it. But again, more in days to come. I don’t want to overwhelm you!
The biggest news we’ve gotten in the past few weeks is from the Globe and Mail. Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy is sitting at a solid #7 in sales of non-fiction books (#3 among Canadian authors) in Canada for 2019 and we’re overjoyed! And I’m hearing from readers here who are getting their October Reader’s Digest in the mail and have come across an excerpted version of the book. Here’s a sneak peek:

Reader's Digest Canada October 2019
Reader's Digest Canada October 2019

You know what this means, right? I get to live on forever in doctors’ offices across the land! Seriously, though, I’m honoured that word of MHB will find its way into the hands of people who need it. And that’s really great news.
Thanks for coming by this week and, if you haven’t noticed, at my Facebook page I post a daily inspirational message or photo that might help your day get off to a good start. Have a look and click LIKE if you wish to be a part of this each weekday.
Take care of yourself, as I will Rob and me (I promise) and we’ll be back with you here on Monday. Enjoy tomorrow’s Harvest Moon and make a little wish. You just never know.

Erin DavisThu, 09/12/2019