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Tue, 01/29/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… That’s too coincidental to be a coincidence. [Yogi Berra]

And how are you today? I hope that this final Tuesday of January is treating you well – or at least gently. 
I know that being present and in the moment is supposed to be a thing – a very big and important thing – but how many times have you found yourself in one place, checking online to see what rates are in another spot for the next time you travel? Maybe that’s just me (although I know my friend Nancy does the exact same thing, so I suspect it’s not!) and we’re guilty of it this week.
As our time here counts down to weeks instead of months (and soon it’ll be just days), we’re already looking to this fall. I have some work in Ontario that I hope will parlay into book-related appearances, too, and then we’re going to try the snowbird thing again.
So I was looking online at different homes for rent and my heart almost stopped (I know it did something weird) when I saw some reviews on this one place.
First of all, the property manager’s name is Louisa Davis. “Loo” is one of the nicknames we had for our Lauren. When I read the woman’s name to Rob, he’s the one who made the Lou/Loo association.
But then look at the comment below the Louisa Davis one (which was posted, you’ll note, by an Albert A. Alberta: province of my birth. Hmmm.)

VRBO review

Yep – the comment below is a loud bit of applause from one “Lauren D.”
I couldn’t believe it. This HAD to be, right? We were sure this place was going to be perfect. Alberta. Lou Davis. Lauren D..
Then we went into the bedroom to call it a night. And our bedside clock was flashing crazily. Not on-off like a clock that’s had the power interrupted, but changing times like prices on a digital gas station sign before a long weekend. Just…bizarre.
So, being the rather superstitious person I am, I thought: Maybe she’s trying to get us to slow our roll on this one. After looking for all the world like this house had the Seal of a-Loo-val, the nutso clock made me wonder if she was telling us something else. 
Or maybe it was just two coincidental comments and a flashing clock. There’s always that possibility.
Did we see the house? Yes. Was it perfect? Maybe for someone, but not for us; it smelled sour, was dark inside, the furnishings were well-worn and dismal and the whole place was just simply not us. We’d be much better off in the same place we are this winter, thanks. So it was a hard pass.
What did it all mean? Two coincidental comments and a flashing clock. Sometimes, as we often remind ourselves, when you hear hoof beats, you don’t look for a zebra. It was just a horse – and not one we wanted to ride, thanks. That’s all. 
Have yourself a gentle Tuesday and, finally, because I got such great feedback the last time I linked to one of his videos, here’s a brand new Randy Rainbow parody. I have the utmost respect for this guy: his rhymes, his humour, his musicality and production, and his timing. He turns these things around with lightning speed! Enjoy, and we’ll be back with you tomorrow.

Erin DavisTue, 01/29/2019