Erin's Journals

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Just a thought… It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. [Confucius, as chosen today by Taylor Kaye]

Hello – and welcome in! This year I’m doing something I’ll only ever do once, because it matters this much to me. Today is my birthday. I’m not telling you that for the warm wishes; please read on.

While Sept. 26th brings back wonderful memories for me: my 60th last year getting into the ocean in Hawaii, my 50th when Lauren surprised me by showing up all the way from Ottawa, making me full-on BAWL like Lucille Ball. I recall much of my 40th dancing on a revolving floor in the Rainbow Room of 30 Rock. Maybe it was me spinning – wish I’d been sober for that!

Anyway, the point is, September 26th has been beyond wonderful for me. Which is why I’m turning the spotlight away from someone who’s had more than her share of happiness (me), to someone for whom this very day is one clouded in darkness.

It was on this day one year ago that everything in a joyful life changed. A dear man, a fit man, a young man who is a friend to many, but especially at CHFI and Rogers Radio where he created brilliant and funny ad campaigns, was slammed by two strokes. Today, in his early 60s, Greg Stevens remains unable to walk, to speak his beautiful mind, or to move half of his body.

Taylor Kaye, Greg’s wife, is also a close friend. She’s warm and wonderful and wacky and you probably know her name from TV and Toronto radio: after years in the Rogers fold at KiSS and CHFI, she’s doing afternoons temporarily on 104.5 CHUM-FM. As you can imagine, she and Greg’s three teen daughters are struggling.

After nine months in hospital, Greg was moved to rehab and now he’s in an assisted living facility, a modest one closer to the Stevens’s house. It’s anything but cheery: he’s surrounded by elderly and incapacitated people, and the costs of trying to get him speech therapy, physical therapy and the many extras that our health care system doesn’t cover are taking Taylor out at the knees.

It’s all so disheartening, and Rob and I aren’t even a part of the family’s day-to-day. Just three weeks ago, Greg was rushed to hospital, unconscious after a seizure and when he awoke the next day, he cried as he learned all over again about the strokes that had taken away everything but his mind and his great big heart.

And so today I’m appealing to your big heart. There is a gofundme for Taylor and her family. If you want to give to help Taylor and Greg and their three daughters, however much you can, and anonymously if you’d like, I offer this gift today, my birthday gift to Taylor. She is drowning with twice-daily visits, trying to buoy Greg’s spirits amidst her own devastation. I figure that the least I can do is reach out a hand, right?

The family’s friends set up this account and it’s totally secure and above-board. I promise you that. It’s been helping the family in many small ways and how I wish the Let’s Talk folks at Bell had therapy for Taylor to access to help keep her sanity, but she’s considered part-time at Bell Media. 10 years and part-time. Sigh. Let’s Talk, indeed.

But one year in, donations are waning and their need for help has grown; if Greg is going to have any semblance of a life, the path stretching out ahead is long and arduous with plenty of detours and roadblocks, as Taylor has endured in the past month.

Pray if you do, but please give if you can. Both are appreciated! Here’s the link. From the bottom of my heart – and Taylor and her Special Kayes – thank you. Love you, Taylor, Greg and girls.

Love you, too. Thanks for sharing this day with me.

Rob WhiteheadTuesday, September 26, 2023