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Wed, 06/13/2018

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Just a thought… He loves his country best who strives to make it best. [Robert G. Ingersoll]

First of all, let me thank you for your kind words to my email, on Facebook and on Twitter yesterday. I can tell you that our Ottawa family was as touched by the public outpouring of support and kindness as we were. 
Of course, you and I have been together, for the most part, for such a long time now and goodness knows you’ve seen us through a lot of highs and lows. The deepest lows. The highest highs – including a wedding five years ago this month – and every possible thing in between. And here we are celebrating yet another truly happy moment. So, thank you for that.
We’re grateful, too, for the welcome diversion from the strife and angst in world, national and provincial politics. Of course, we have Trump cozying up to a dictator now with so many questionable motives and an even foggier outcome. Then there’s Trudeau being called ridiculous names (although the Trump advisor who said there’s a “special place in hell” apologized, and the other advisor who was on CNN Sunday had a heart attack the next day).
How encouraging it was, then, to see the Premier-elect of Ontario siding with Canadian workers and (even) our Liberal PM against Donald Trump, with whom Doug Ford has often been compared. To see such an encouraging, bilateral sign after a weekend of fear and misgivings on so many fronts was really surprising and heartening. Let’s hope it bodes well for the future!
Of course, not all parties have put the country first and there has been sniping at and about Justin Trudeau in some pretty transparent attempts at political gain. I hope voters see through them. Because now, more than ever, it’s not about who’s left or right, but who’s wrong or right. If we could all just keep that in mind, how much better off we’d be. Right, Kevin O’Leary?
Have a great day and we’ll be back with you here tomorrow with a perspective on a current issue that a journal reader brought to my attention. 
And thanks again for all of your kind words about Brooke and our family. It’s hard to feel blessed sometimes when we consider our journey to where we are now, but we know, in so very many ways, we are exactly that.

Erin DavisWed, 06/13/2018