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Wed, 12/05/2018

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Hope your burdens are feeling lighter, and each day is a little bit brighter. []

Today, a legend in Toronto radio is hosting his final morning show. I never had a chance to work with Roger Ashby, but I have vast respect for what he’s achieved in this beloved medium of ours, and empathy for the sea of feelings he’s experiencing today. I wish him well, always, and many years of joy with his wife Moira. I’ll be sending big hugs. And to Marilyn, too. I know what it’s like to lose a longtime partner. Smooth sailing, all. 
Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback about yesterday’s Gift of the MAGA journal. To be clear, I didn’t come up with the nickname Cheeto Mussolini (although I wish I had). It’s just one of many I come across on Twitter now and then. Credit where credit’s due – if only I knew to whom!
Okay – let’s shake that off. Deep breath. A really niiiiiice cleansing breath. ‘Cause this is lovely. Here we go.
If you have December 12, one week today, circled on your calendar, you’ve probably bought your ticket or tickets on the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. It’s sold out, so I’m not here to nudge you to buy tickets on behalf of this amazing facility that has helped so many of our loved ones. Even though I’d listen to our own radio ads and buy tickets, I remember Mike Cooper winning at least one thing on the draws every year. Me – nothing! But that’s okay; the tale of this win beats them all. 
Last week, I got a message on social media from Carol C. She wrote about her girlfriend, whose husband Malcolm died from cancer on July 10. He chose to leave this world via MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying), remaining at home through his illness and in the loving care of his wife Daphne and their family. They were all grateful for MAID and at peace with the process, and wanted me to share that with you.
Malcolm, an avid arborist who loved to travel (they had to cancel a trip to Switzerland planned for just the month prior to his passing from lung cancer) was never one to buy lottery tickets. But for some reason, Daphne was moved to buy a Princess Margaret ticket because of her late husband. I’m guessing she was hoping to help out other families who had been through the same hellish ordeal that her family had just emerged from. Or maybe she thought she deserved a little good luck? Perhaps both; who knows?
Daphne got more than a little good luck. As Carol shared with me, when the Early Bird Draw was made last Thursday, this happened.

lottery win

Daphne won the $1.5M Muskoka 3,000 square foot lakefront cottage plus $75,000 in cash and two Muskoka paddle boards. 
Fantastic, right? Well, from the outside, perhaps.
It is probably the luckiest thing that could have happened to this family, but I know for a fact that what they really want is to have Malcolm with them. Really good luck would have meant his cancer was stopped and he went on to enjoy many more years with his family. Imagine, if you can, winning a dream home like this on the water in your retirement years and the person who has traveled all of those years with you isn’t there to share the sunsets, hear laughter as children play in the water, or take in the quiet beauty of an Ontario summer and fall. 
There are many ways at which someone could look at this windfall. I hope that Daphne and her family – whether they decide to sell (as so many do) or to enjoy the furnished home that providence has given them – know that there is still so much joy to be had in this life, even after we lose the people closest to us. I’m sure they’re considering what Malcolm would want; I wonder if they hear his British-accented voice saying, “Bloody Hell – why do you think I made this possible, if not to bring you some happiness?”
Life is short – so often too short – but it does have ways of surprising us! It’s up to us to stay open to the possibilities and find the sweetness in even the most heartwrenching times. I wish Daphne and her family every bit of happiness that they can mine from this incredible turn of events. Goodness knows they deserve it. Here’s a shot her friend Carol sent.


Have a lovely Wednesday and I’ll be back with you here tomorrow to respond to questions about a holiday season song (’cause it ain’t about Christmas!) that has some radio listeners feeling, well, cold – outside and in.

Erin DavisWed, 12/05/2018