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Just a thought... Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day. [Richelle E. Goodrich]

I'm so glad you clicked on audio yesterday and heard Rob's handiwork on a special poem about Christmas cards. Thanks for your kind feedback both in emails and Facebook.
At the end of yesterday's journal, I promised to tell you about a gift I'd received from someone I hadn't met. And then, strangely enough, a second gift came from another friend I've not met, a journal reader and listener. How lucky I am! 

glass dragonfly

First of all, thank you to Carol, who is a fellow bereaved mom and sent this to me from Ajax, where she and her husband and pup live and are - if they're like us - bracing themselves for Christmas again this year. A lovely reminder of the dragonflies that Nathan's mom Barbara makes in memory of her son (and as a promise that life goes on), it's a lovely piece that will adorn our deck when I choose the proper plant to perish out there. (I have told you that I'm not much of a green thumb, right?) 
Thank you, Carol. Your notes and kindness have been lovely to receive all year; this dragonfly, made by Pauline Selkirk of Scarborough, is simply icing on a beautiful cake. What a lovely surprise!
But here's something that floored us even more. And I hope that the woman who sent it doesn't mind me naming her, as I'm unable to email her back (the notice comes directly from the website, not her mail) to thank her. And this deserves BIG thanks.

Salvation Army donation

Lori Morrison, thank you. I heard from one reader yesterday who said that, rather than send out cards each year, she makes a donation to the Salvation Army, which is also a wonderful idea. But thank you - thank you to every person who has done something kind for someone who may never have a chance to express their appreciation in person. In this case, I'm thanking Lori on behalf of those who will benefit from her generosity. But I'm just grateful to everyone for looking beyond their own circle of love and comfort to help make someone else's burden a little lighter, especially at this emotionally hefty time of year.
We are so grateful and we promise to pay it forward.
Talk to you here tomorrow.
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