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Just a thought... Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. [Henry Ford on teamwork]

First off, I want to congratulate my friends at CHFI on a tremendous fall ratings book. They were up several share points and find themselves sitting pretty at #1 in the key demographics, with huge gains across the board. I am so happy for everyone there who has worked so hard for so long to make this happen and am only glad I could get out of the way to help this dream to become a reality once again!
Here in Victoria, we're doing a little celebrating, too, at Ocean 98.5, where a new morning team that kicked in at the very end of the ratings period (late October) is starting to make waves. My own humble midday show saw some exceptional and perhaps even flukey huge gains of double and triple the numbers from the spring, to take over top spot in key demos here, too. I have to say that it made me laugh out loud. It gives me even more joy to say I'll be sticking around to do the show for another few months. Seems I just can't quit this (but you probably knew that). What's retirement again?
So let's do this: all week I've been getting emails and the odd post on Twitter about some CHFI listeners' favourite version of "Baby It's Cold Outside." Proving there's no accounting for taste (!) it's one Mike Cooper and I did a few years back. 
The background: we wanted to do our own song to have fun with when the station flipped to its All Christmas format. Mike's range is limited (low and lower) and we had to find a song that seemed to capture who we are. We settled on BICO and then had to find a music bed. 
A search of karaoke tracks found one that was perfect, but given both of our low ranges, it had to be tuned down, which is not an impossible feat in this digital age. The problem - and you may or may not have noticed this - is that the band sounds a little hung over. Like it's missing some "oomph" and that's because it's all brought way down! But I hope we made up for it with our extra slices of ham. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Back with you on Monday.
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