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Just a thought... And May the Fourth be with all of us! (You knew that was coming.)

And here's something you didn't: it's a return to radio. Victoria, BC radio.
Here's how this latest, unexpected chapter came to be. When I told our bosses in Toronto last fall that I was ready to leave the city and try to start a new life on the west (or wet) coast, I was reminded that we (Rogers) have radio stations here in case I was interested! Rob and I both emphatically shook our heads. No, I just didn't want to work anymore. We needed to slow down, sleep in and figure out how to keep going.
I guess that worked. And what a difference in attitude with this change in latitude! (Okay, it's longitude, but you try to find something that rhymes with "longitude", okay?) As you read in Friday's journal, Rob and I have found ourselves feeling a little lost. Not just geographically (although we're getting to know the roads and neighbourhoods with every added outing), but just mentally.
Coming home from Toronto reinforced for us that we'd done the right thing moving away to try to go forward with our lives. As much as the trip was a great reminder of the love, friendship and comradery we had in our past life, it also put an exclamation point on our current feeling of a lack of purpose. Of belonging.
And, let's face it: I'll never stop wanting to do radio. I love this life: this connection, this business of storytelling and keeping company and informing and, oh, I love (almost) all of it. It's as much a part of me as my blue eyes and (undiscernible) natural hair colour.
So here's what's happening and how it came about. The midday host on Ocean 98.5 (Victoria's CHFI if you will - they even call themselves "Victoria's Perfect Music Mix") Mel Z, has gotten herself a great new position within the station. And knowing that I was out here - and remembering the promise that I'd still be involved in some way with Rogers - my bosses back in TO just floated the idea of me filling in on the show on a temporary basis. So that's what we're doing starting May 16th (with an hour or so at Mel's side the day before).
Rob's going to be handling the technical aspects, as I haven't produced my own show basically since college and there are only so many swear words a radio station should have on its air waves! Rob's a former professional producer and we work best as a team anyway. If it weren't for Uber MacGruber, my journal wouldn't be up, we wouldn't have an audio version and, of course, I'd be fighting with the cappucino maker every morning to the death. The man's talents are limitless. And, obviously, so is his patience.
Rob Michaels, the program director at Ocean, couldn't be nicer, midday host Mel is sweet in welcoming me in, as she moves onwards and upwards, and everybody we met at the staff meeting/pizza lunch yesterday, where we were both introduced, was just wonderful. I felt like the new kid at school (or a returning mature student in college, to put it more accurately) but here we go on another radio adventure!
I'll have lots to tell you as the weeks go on, but I couldn't wait to fill you in on this latest chapter in our lives. The fact that this all comes during our toughest month - May - puts another exclamation point on everything: life goes on!
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