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Just a thought... You can't go back and make a new start, but you can start right now and make a brand new ending. [James R. Sherman]

I said it last month and I'll say it again: going back to Toronto feels almost alarmingly like home! From a hug onstage from listener Lianne at the Canada Awards for Excellence Thursday to another hug from Amal in the Air Canada lounge as I headed home that night (after de-icing) sometimes it feels like TO is where I am meant to be. And then off I go....
Now, I need to clarify that. When I came back to Toronto (or more specifically, York Region, as well as for a Rogers event) back in May, silly rumours began to swirl that I wanted to get back into radio in the city I used to call home. Oh my! Hearing Maureen and the guys last week just reinforced that CHFI is exactly where it should be - and sounding great.
Let me tell you that the radio show I am doing in Victoria sort of fell into my lap. And it's been a wonderful weaning process of sorts, as I deal with the differences between what was going on in my Toronto life just one year ago - all of those early hours and angst about the future - and what's happening now. I do five hours a day and it's wonderfully easy for me, even though there's a ton of prep work that goes into it. Believe me when I tell you that whatever you hear Michelle Butterly do on CHFI, there are fifteen plates spinning as she does it. My girl's a magician!
Rob asked me how I felt when I landed in Toronto. Well, I have to confess that on Wednesday as the skies were blue, I rolled down the window in my airport taxi and just felt like Mary Tyler Moore in the streets of Minneapolis. It felt like home! Later, the sparkling lights of the city from our perch at Scaramouche restaurant for dinner (thank you to my dear friend Robina) were, again, a beautiful and familiar sight.
On Thursday morning, even though my eye bags were sizeable enough for Air Canada to probably have asked for fees for each of them, I was fortunate to receive a warm and wonderful welcome at the Carlu for Excellence Canada's Summit morning and Awards for Excellence in the afternoon. And appropriately, looking back, it was in this very building at the Carlu that we unveiled the new CHFI morning show Oct. 26, 2005. 19 years earlier, at College Park, Rob and I had our first fateful date in 1986. Whew! Talk about coming so very many ways.
It all seems to have come full circle for me and for Rob, too. Toronto feels as much like home as it always did, but still makes me want to try to escape the traffic and sirens and construction and...well you know. The city. But never the people!
I just hope and pray that folks will continue to want to bring me back to host events. I am waaaaaaay too young to retire completely and I swear to you that I keep it light and tight and, even though I'm not the host that gets up at 3:30 am anymore, I will get you out on time! If it's not my alarm, it's a flight schedule.
I do so love emceeing, hosting and getting a chance to meet people who say, "I used to listen to you...." I have to tell you that - like milk - it does a body good. It sure does MY body good. And my heart and my spirit! So here's to keeping things interesting and busy. Retirement? What the heck is that?
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