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Just a thought... If you don't think grammar is important, try forgetting the comma when you say, "I'm sorry, I love you." [Author Unknown] 

I've loved hearing from you on Facebook and in my inbox this week. Thanks for the feedback yesterday and for your own takes on the hotel blog Tuesday and the dragonfly reactions yesterday. We got an answer to our "mystery" and I'll share that with you tomorrow. But now, to today's journal.
We were about to turn in for the night on Thursday of last week in Kitchener when I saw a card on the bedside table explaining the Sleep Number system for adjusting the mattress to our liking. Not a bad idea! But how many people did this grammar error/typo get by before this card was left at each guest's bedside?

sleep number card

When I tweeted it @erindavis, every response except one either teased me for being me (that is, overly observant and picky about spelling) or seemed to nod in agreement. The one exception had a "So it's a typo - big deal!" tone to it. 
But that's the one that made me ruminate. You see, it's not just a typo. It stems from someone who didn't know (or maybe didn't care) about the difference between the contraction for "you are" (you're) and the possessive (your). And that's okay - not everyone does, as we see with increasing frequency (some of it due to spellcheck or dictating to Siri). But if you're not 100% sure of something, why would you go ahead and send it out to have hundreds and maybe thousands of these little cards printed? 
I understand if an error of this kind is made on a homemade website, or a company's Facebook page where everyone is contributing. For example, at radio stations, being an English major doesn't usually go hand in hand with having an on-air position, but as social media have developed, we've been called upon with increasing regularity to post and publish things for the public.
Heaven help those who have to put out the morning newsletter (before anyone else is even awake); poor Ian and Gord would get irate emails within seconds of hitting "send" if an apostrophe was missed or a word misspelled - often from something that had been written that way originally and was cut and pasted. I GET being human and I'm sure you see errors here despite my and Rob's best efforts! But what I don't understand is not double-checking when it's possible, as in the case of whoever put together those little green and white cards for our bedside at the Radisson.
On the other hand, the same hotel offered something I have never seen before. Some of the more upscale places (none of which I stayed at this trip) have bathrobes hanging in the closet; some offer slippers or even toothbrushes. But for me, perhaps one of the most considerate perks was this little pair of orange ear plugs. 

earplugs from the Radisson

They're offered to keep the city sounds out, but considering how often hotel guests forget about thin walls and slamming doors, they'll come in handy on a future trip, I'm sure. So there you go. I'm not always nitpicking; I'm always looking for reasons to be grateful, too!
Have a good one and we'll be back with you to wrap up the week here tomorrow.
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