March 2019

Fri, 03/08/2019

Erin’s Journal Fri, 03/08/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… A good laugh makes any interview or any conversation so much better. [Barbara Walters] I need to start today’s journal with an apology. If you’ve been among those who have written to share your personal story of loss, please know that I have highlighted your email

Erin DavisFri, 03/08/2019
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Thu, 03/07/2019

Erin’s Journal Thu, 03/07/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… With the new day comes new strength and new hopes. [Eleanor Roosevelt] I’d just come home yesterday after a blessedly uneventful visit for a mammogram when the thought of cancer actually manifested itself in words. But this wasn’t about me: it was news on my Twitter

Erin DavisThu, 03/07/2019
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Wed, 03/06/2019

Erin’s Journal Wed, 03/06/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together. [Robert C. Dodds] Ah, home, sweet home. For the second time in two weeks, Rob and I found ourselves unpacking our big teal-coloured hard shell suitcases yesterday and just tossing most of their

Erin DavisWed, 03/06/2019
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Tue, 03/05/2019

Erin’s Journal Tue, 03/05/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… Life is precarious and life is precious. Don’t presume you will have it tomorrow, and don’t waste it today. [John Piper] This won’t be a long one – I have about 77% on a dying battery and am not guaranteed a power supply on the plane.

Erin DavisTue, 03/05/2019
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Mon, 03/04/2019

Erin’s Journal Mon, 03/04/2019 – 00:00 Just a thought… Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. [Albert Einstein] I hope you enjoyed the sunshine that visited us in Ottawa on the weekend and if you want someone to thank, that would be us. After taking our lives in our

Erin DavisMon, 03/04/2019
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