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Fri, 07/05/2019

Erin’s Journal

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Just a thought… Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable. [Paul Frank Baer]

I don’t know how it is that the first week of such a laid-back month as July can be so busy. But here we are, glad to see Friday roll around (unless you’re among those who booked the week off because of Canada Day on Monday).
I have half of a new computer: the store here in Victoria that deals with Apple products replaced my wonky keyboard, my touch bar, my trackpad and speakers, which somehow works out to be less cost to Apple than replacing just the keyboard. Anyway, here I go with another one. I will be sure to let you know when H, E, A, R and T are worn out!
One bit of writing that I won’t be doing anymore: the weekly articles for Walmart’s website. I was happy to take on a project that taught me the joys of learning to hyperlink (when you hover over a word and another link opens up – I can DO that! LOL) and to write descriptive articles. I had the freedom of coming up with my own themes and ideas, which is a rarity, I’m told, and despite the fact that what was supposed to be an hour’s writing was always three (and I billed for one, of course, because that was the max) I quite enjoyed stretching that writing muscle. And now it’s done.
I got a bit of flack from a Facebook visitor or two who took exception to me working with or for Walmart. I wouldn’t have the nerve to take shots like “Well, I guess I can unlike you now on Facebook…” (conveniently, I blocked her instead, stinker that I am) or to say, “Walmart? Really?” as though I was supposed to write for: a) Greenpeace, b) Holt Renfrew or c) my own website exclusively. But that’s over now.
Will I write for someone else in the future? I can only hope! I love putting thoughts into words and creating something out of thin air. So I’ll put it out there: yes, I will. I have no idea what or for whom. Maybe just for you, and that’s okay too!
My final Walmart article was a collaboration and a labour of love. Our daughter-in-law and Colin’s mommy Brooke helped me with a piece that Walmart suggested (they began requesting themes in the last month) about preferences in a mom-to-be’s third trimester, which is what Brooke is in. She came up with some great ideas (wishes and wisdom, I called it) and I’m grateful to her for her collaboration. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the link.
And finally – last plug today, I promise, of book, cruise, articles or anything (I realize I have probably tried your patience of late here, and I’m sorry). Mike Cooper’s making a personal appearance at a gathering in Yorkville Wednesday evening of next week. While you’ll learn about the AMAWaterways October 2020 cruise we’re hosting together, it’s basically a free gathering for those who are curious about river cruising in general.
Come and give Mike a hug for me, will you? Here are the details if you’d like to register. Also, if you wanted to tune in to the cruise webinar a couple weeks back but just couldn’t, here’s a link to that. 
All right. Well, I’m heading into another busy weekend: some favourite family from Calgary is visiting, so we get some face time with them, plus on Sunday, Rob and I will be selling burgers, etc. for the Rotary Club at the local Strawberry Festival. Gotta love summer – it’s busy in just the BEST ways! 
Enjoy, take care and thank you for putting up with me. Talk to you Monday. 

Erin DavisFri, 07/05/2019